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Iowa Campus Christian Group Accused of Discriminating Against Homosexual Student

A University of Iowa student group called Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) filed a lawsuit after the university determined the group violated the school’s Human Rights Policy and the Iowa Civil Rights Act when it denied a leadership position to a homosexual student. As a result, the group’s activities on campus, which include its license to operate, ability to reserve meeting spaces on campus, attend student recruitment fairs, or access funds from student activity fees were suspended. BLinC thinks that to deny the campus group’s right to choose leaders that adhere to its statement of faith violates religious freedom. The group believes that marriage should be only between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is wrong. Eric Baxter of Becket Fund is siding with the student group. “Every organization to exist has to be able to select leaders who embrace its mission,” says Baxter. “You would never ask an environmental group to have a climate denier as their leader. It’s the same thing here.”

Bradley (‘Chelsea’) Manning Runs for U.S. Senate

‘Transgender” Bradley (“Chelsea”) Manning is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland. This is the same man who leaked sensitive U.S. government information to Wikileaks and then got sex-change hormones paid for by taxpayers while in prison before getting his sentence commuted by President Obama in 2017. On January 11, Manning filed his statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission and his first ad was posted on YouTube on January 14. “It is incredibly ironic that a person who has betrayed his country is now considering running for the U.S. Senate,” said Lt. Gen. (ret.) Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council. “Were it not for former President Barack Obama’s last-minute pardon, this traitor would be where he belongs and that is behind bars where he cannot do more damage to the nation he now claims that he wants to serve. Remember that he took an oath of allegiance and fidelity to the nation once before. How did that work out?” Manning is the second openly “transgender” candidate to enter a U.S. Senate primary race.

Twenty Countries Ordered to Recognize Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Twenty countries are accepting the Inter-American Court of Human Rights‘ directive to recognize same-sex “marriage” and provide “transgender” rights, even though the international court’s decision is not binding. The court gave its mandate after Costa Rican officials asked for clarification on the process for legally changing the name of a person who is confused about his or her biological sex  and the rights to property of homosexual partners. The 20 countries who accepted the directive are Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay. Gualberto Garcia Jones, executive director of International Human Rights Group, believes the Inter-American Court of Human Rights overstepped the rules for international treaties and national constitutions in order to implement its opinion. Judge Eduardo Vio Grossi, who partially dissented, wrote, “Legislation recognizing same-sex unions cannot be imposed upon member states through the judicial process, much less so through an advisory opinion, which is not binding even on the party requesting the opinion, and much less upon the other member states.” In 2017, 700 legislators from countries making up the Organization of American States signed the Mexico City Declaration, which calls for an end to the international court’s activism. It remains to be seen whether the impacted countries will reject the court’s activism or whether the Inter-American Court will gain more power.

Charges Dismissed Against Street Preachers in Washington State

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) was able to get all criminal charges dropped against a group of five street preachers in Washington State after explaining the unconstitutionality of the ordinance to the prosecutor. The group had originally been cited for violating a noise ordinance while standing on a public sidewalk outside Washougal High School and holding signs and speaking to students after classes had ended in November 2017. Even though the group of evangelists had obtained approval for their activities from a code enforcement officer prior to the incident, they were still charged with disturbing the peace. PJI was able to argue that the city’s ordinance violated free speech. “We cannot afford to lose our most basic First Amendment freedoms in America,” said Kevin Snider of PJI. “It is sobering that what our clients experienced in this case reminded them of experiences in the former Soviet Union.” In the last six months, PJI has represented numerous public evangelists against criminal charges in California, Nevada, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Michigan.

Scholastic Promotes Pro-Homosexual and Pro-‘Transgender’ Children’s Books

Popular education company Scholastic Inc. used to be known as a trusted standard for children’s books but not anymore. One Million Moms is calling the publisher out for presenting morally toxic reading lists such as “Books for Two-Mommy Families,” “Great Books for Two-Dad Families” and “6 Picture Books About Transgender Children.” One book in particular has sparked outrage among conservative Christians. The book is called George, and it is about a male child who believes he is really a girl and wants to play the role of Charlotte in the school production of Charlotte’s Web. One Million Moms is asking concerned parents to contact Scholastic and asking them to discontinue publishing and promoting such books for children.

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