If God were a football fan

By Richard Rowland

If God were a football fan, his team would be the Patriots. I’m not into sports all that much, in fact, I can’t name one of today’s quarterbacks, other than Tom Brady.

Speaking of quarterbacks, how was it, I wonder, the term quarterback was arrived at?

Image may contain: 1 personGoing back a few years, not sure exactly when, I began to focus on Tom Brady and the Patriots.

It was his (Tom’s) demeanor that first captured my attention. However, it’s my opinion there was a change in him after he married. Before he married, he very seldom showed emotion after a score, perhaps a fist pump, and that was about it.

Tom would also sit on the sidelines, show little interest when everyone else was standing on the sideline, showing their concern. Tom Brady knows and does his job, and that’s all that’s asked.

When the Patriots would take the field, he’d stroll across to his position behind center with a slow deliberate presence, as if he had all the time in the world, gaze nonchalantly across the field of play, and take the snap.

No other quarterback, whether Montana, Manning, take your pick, had the ora that Tom Brady has. Then there’s the team as a whole, from coach Belichick on down the line to the waterboy.

No team that I can recall has the record the Patriots and Tom Brady have. They have, of course, consistently been able to win.

However, it’s how they win, of late, that has one sitting on the edge of their seat, biting their nails and yelling at the TV as if in the stands with the rest of the crowd.

Slowly, methodically. they began the march during the second half. Even if one isn’t a Patriot fan, watching the slow come-from-behind-pace has to activate and excite one’s adrenaline.

While the Patriots should never be considered the underdog, being down ten to twenty points is, at that point, being the underdog.

However, it’s a human emotional reaction to pull for underdogs. Perhaps that says something about ourselves, in any event, there’s no denying that euphoric sense of joy when witnessing the underdog attain the joy of victory.

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