Since none of the major news organizations on TV or in print, have ever explained what Globalism is, it is high time somebody knowledgeable about the subject did.

First, the history:

Following World War One, a group of wealthy elitists worldwide got together to come up with a plan to end all future wars.  They first decided they must identify the causes of war, and they came up with economic, religious and political as the three primary disputes that are often resolved by combat to the exclusion of all else.

So far, so good.  Their assessment then went downhill from there.

They decided that a world controlled by one central government and one political system would be a good start, followed by a one-world religion and a single monetary/financial system that would end the need for all future wars.

In order to accomplish this, all national sovereignty would need to be dissolved into a world with no national borders controlled by a central government comprised of the United Nations, which at the time was referred to as the League of Nations.

Nearly all of earth’s Human inhabitants would then be convinced that a one-world religion was the only religion everyone must follow.

Further, they decided a one-world monetary system and a single form of currency would replace all the various world currencies currently recognized in order to solve the, “problem”, of income inequality in the world.

Sounds pretty good to the simple-minded, doesn’t it?  Pretty easy sell for the income disadvantaged, right?  That is why, according to Bible Prophesy, it will eventually happen — and succeed for 42 months until all Hell breaks loose during what the Bible calls, “The Tribulation”.

Given the incredibly fast advances in technology, their plan is not only possible, but probable.

How far and fast has this plan been implemented?  Pretty far!

I suggest anyone reading this look up Agenda 21.  It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but it is in fact a document and plan endorsed by the United Nations, and a large number of sovereign nations have signed on to it, including the United States of America under President George HW Bush.

Globalists do have one major problem if they are a politician:  They cannot admit they are Globalists!  To be a Globalist, you must commit treason against your own sovereign nation by advocating its dissolution into being a part of the, “New World Order”, that George HW Bush mentioned in his State of The Union Address years ago.

Unlike Liberals or Conservatives who wear their political views openly, Globalists are much harder to immediately identify, but if you pay attention to what they advocate through their actions, their true intentions become clear.

First, Globalism is embraced worldwide by individuals who embrace both Liberal and Conservative political parties.  Here in the USA, we have Globalists in the Democrat and Republican parties, so it is a gross mistake to assume a Republican is not a Globalist.

Here’s how to identify a Globalist:  They argue for open borders.  They condemn income inequality.  They strongly support United Nations policy over that of their sovereign nation.

One of the most obvious Globalists is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who proudly opened her nation to any and all immigrants, most of whom are incompatible Muslims.  I don’t think I need to waste time here explaining how that is working for Germany.

We also find the same thing happening in France and Sweden.  In fact, it was the formation of the European Union that began the Globalist march in Europe, which explains why there is so much resistance to allowing Great Britain to leave the EU, even after the Brits voted to leave.  It hasn’t happened yet, and I predict it never will.

Here in the USA we have such Globalist luminaries as the Clintons and the Bush family, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain and many, many others who never admit to being Globalists while what they advocate clearly gives them away.  This is why we Americans were given a rotten choice, time after time, of electing a Clinton or a Bush, because both families are committed Globalists.  No matter who was nominated by either political party, the winner was intended to be a committed Globalist who would quietly continue to push the Globalist agenda.

Barrack Obama is a Globalist who beat Globalist Hillary Clinton for the nomination and was eventually elected President over Globalist John McCain.  Don’t you remember how Obama promised he would fundamentally change the United States of America?  It was probably one of the few times Obama told the truth.

The 2016 presidential election was Globalist-intended to be between Republican Globalist Jeb Bush and Democrat Globalist Hillary Clinton.  Jeb Bush had secured all the necessary Republican donors just like his brother, George W. Bush did when he was elected President.  Jeb had all the marbles in place, but the unexpected candidacy of Donald Trump temporarily derailed their Globalist plans.  Obama mentioned Trump’s election as a set-back, and what he meant was it was a mere set-back to a full Globalist takeover of the United States which Obama is continuing to push for even after he left office.

But Globalism is not just limited to current world leadership.  In order to fully implement Globalism, the intelligence and security services of each nation must be compromised, and that is what we are seeing in the FBI under James Comey, the CIA under John Brennan and the IRS under John Koskinen, among others.  James Clapper is almost certainly a committed Globalist.  The recently mentioned, “Secret Society”, operating within the ranks of the FBI is undoubtedly Globalist, as are the named bad-actors of the Justice Department like Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and his buddy, Robert Mueller, who is acting as Special Counsel in the phony Russia/Trump Collusion Investigation.

Yes, Virginia, there truly is a Globalist plot against the United States as well as every nation on the face of this planet, but not all nations will fall under the One World Government.

According to the Bible Prophesy, Israel and Jordan will escape the One World Government, but the prophesies do not mention much about the United States.  There is a passage where the Lion, the biblical symbol of Great Britain, has eagles wings plucked from it.  The Eagle is the United States, and the prophesy is clearly showing how the United States becomes separated from Great Britain as it did during the Revolutionary War.  Outside of that mention, very little is revealed in Bible Prophesy about the USA.  For reasons only he knows, God is keeping our destiny a secret.

Right now, the Globalists are doing everything they can to remove Donald Trump from the presidency through impeachment — and if Trump agrees to be interviewed under oath by Robert Mueller, he will be indicted by a Liberal Washington DC Grand jury for Obstruction of Justice in the firing of FBI Director James Comey.  That is an easy call, because that is the only phony charge  Mueller will be able to manufacture against Trump.  Trump is such an honest man that he doesn’t fear such an interview, but it will be a mistake because the Globalists need to remove Trump before he can wreck their plans any more than he already has, and they will commit any and every form of evil to accomplish that removal.

Mark my words.

Carl F. Worden

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