Washington State and SB6105

Sometimes in Olympia, WA things move so fast there is no time to get to the keyboard to document it.

Enter Senate Bill 6105.  We warned you about this bill and Monday’s hearing last Friday.  But between Friday and Monday, this dangerous legislation got exponentially worse.  It’s become the gold standard in bad bills for life and religious freedom this session.

S.B. 6105 was amended over the weekend, and just hours before the 10:00 AM hearing on Monday it became clear that this bill:610 Dia C.png

  • Requires all insurance plans to cover abortion, contraception, and transgender hormones at no cost to the individual (SB 6219)
  • Requires employers that provide health insurance to cover abortion, contraception, and transgender hormones even if it violates their conscience and deeply held beliefs (SB 6102)
  • Creates a program to cover all manner of sexual health treatments, including abortion, contraception, and transgender hormones, for Illegal Aliens
  • It does all of this on the back of Washington State taxpayers and business owners

During testimony for the Abortion Insurance Mandate (SB 6219) the other side repeatedly referenced that bill as a ‘good first step’ and we wondered, ‘A good first step toward what?’

Well, now we know.  They were aiming at a hidden, second substitute to SB 6105 that people barely had time to read and digest before a very short hearing was held.  You can read the current version of the bill for yourself right here.  Then please visit, call, and email your Senator today.

  • Creating an insurance mandate will require pro-life people to subsidize abortions
  • Forcing employers to pay for contraception, including abortifacients, will violate the religious liberties of business owners who believe in the sanctity of life
  • Tax-payers should not be forced to fund the creation of another government program to pay for the sexual choices of illegal aliens

This session I’ve heard many times about the cost of healthcare treatment, and particularly the cost of pharmaceuticals and breast cancer treatments.  And FPIW agrees the cost of healthcare is out of control.  However, we should not be forcing employers and taxpayers to subsidize no-cost (to the recipient) abortions, contraception, and transgender hormones.  Bring down the cost of breast cancer treatments before offering these ‘free’ things.

Please call and email your Senator today, urging them to read and oppose the Proposed Substitute for SB 6105.  You can look up your Senator here, and find their direct line and email by clicking on their name when it comes up.

If you are pressed for time you can use FPIW’s Email Your Legislator tool right here.  This will send an email to your Senator and Representatives.  As in all things, please be civil but let them know how you feel.

Finally, if you are really pressed for time you can call the Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000.  The operator will take your name and address and direct your message accordingly.

In a meeting yesterday with Senate allies, they told us point blank, “we need to hear from your grassroots people.”  Please take the time today to make your voice heard through one of these means.

Thank you.

Standing Together,

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Chris Plante
COO/Policy Director

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