Note: This is not a endorsement of gold as an item to invest for we are certainly not qualified for that. Any investment you make should be with someone understands the market better than us.

If you bought gold at $1,200 oz a couple months ago, it is now valued at $1,364 oz now, and that is nearly a 14% increase.

There are two reasons for gold’s rise — as well as silver:  The Dollar has devalued, and some large investors are using gold as a hedge in case the Stock market takes a plunge from its lofty 26,000.

The term, “devalued” is mostly viewed negatively by those who don’t know better.  When our Dollar drops in value against other world currencies, it means we are more competitive in world trade.  It costs foreign consumers of American goods less, which makes American goods more competitive against the cost of similar foreign products sold in foreign countries.

Since we are a world trader in a world trade environment, our corporations’ profits rise, and that drives our Stock Market values higher.

In other words, so far, this is yet another win-win for America First.

And some morons are trying to convince us that President Trump is demented or bordering on old age dementia?  Call me crazy, but I’ll take my financial cues from a self-made multi-billionaire over an idiot like Nobel Prize Winner and College Professor Paul Krugman, who predicted a Trump presidency would crash the Stock Market.  Instead, the Stock Market has grown from 18,000 to 26,000 in just one year since Trump’s election.

Try to remember the old and proven adage:  Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach!

I’ve come up with a well-reasoned theory that will make the Commie Globalists cringe, since they are overwhelmingly Liberals.  Liberals should never be put in charge of governing or finance, because their minds simply don’t work right in that area.

Liberals are great artists, actors, song writers, musicians and movie makers, mainly because they are excellent abstract thinkers — which we do need, so long as they stay where they excel.  But where it comes to the kind of linear thinkers necessary to make correct financial decisions and who understand Human Nature, we need all the Trumps we can place in office.

That may sound simplistic, but it works.  Thus endeth today’s lesson.

Carl F. Worden

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