Where’s the Lie?

by Adam Grey  |   Faith & Heritage

Lost in the midst of the leftist media’s phony outrage over an obvious fact — that Haiti and African countries are far, far less desirable places to live, work, or play than predominantly white countries — was the media’s supposed job to fact-find.

Where was the lie in what President Donald Trump said? Whether he used an expletive or not, is it not true that Third World countries are worse in every measurable way than First World countries?

Let’s take the most talked-about nations mentioned in Trump’s leaked conversation: Haiti and Norway.

If you are Norwegian, you are 95% less likely to die in your infancy than if you are Haitian. You are 88% less likely to be unemployed as a Norwegian. More than 40% of Haitians are unemployed. That’s like having a permanent Great Depression and then some. Norwegians make 38 times more money per capita than Haitians. Not 38 percent mind you, but 38 times, which equals 3,800 percent.

Norwegians are 94% less likely to have HIV/AIDS than Haitians. Almost 2% of the Haitian population has HIV/AIDS. That statistic alone is staggering. Think of the demographic groups that each constitute 2% of the American population — Jews, Muslims, homosexuals — and consider how often they contact ordinary people, and how much sway they have over society. Imagine what Haiti must be like.

Haitians are 11 times more likely to be murdered than Norwegians. Murdered by whom, ebil nahtzees from Charlottesville? No — by black Haitians. Haitians die nearly two decades earlier than Norwegians. How are dead and dying people going to help produce taxes and serve as useful workers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

The self-inflicted poverty of black Haitians and their black African counterparts is stark when compared to the relatively milder poverty of Haitians’ mestizo and mulatto counterparts in the Dominican Republic. The two nations literally sit on the same island, have almost equal population sizes, and have the same natural resources and weather. There’s no “guns, germs, and steel” argument to be made to explain why Dominicans have a lower infant mortality rate, lower HIV/AIDS rate, higher GDP, lower crime rate, and overall better standard of living than Haitians. The one sizable difference? Race. Haiti is 95% black and only 5% mulatto or white. The Dominican Republic is 73% mestizo and mulatto, 16% white, and 11% black. The difference is the same as that between pure blacks in Africa and their less-black counterparts in Atlanta. It’s not night and day, but there is a sizeable difference.

For cuckservatives like Erick Erickson and Paul Ryan out there who think that free market capitalism will save the day, they should take note that “Haiti is a free market economy with low labor costs and tariff-free access to the US for many of its exports.” It is a free trader’s utopia, and yet is still the poorest nation in the entire Western Hemisphere. There are many other statistics that could be cited regarding the absurd amount of foreign aidremittances from Haitians living abroad, and Western nations’ forgiveness of Haiti’s foreign debts following the 2010 earthquake. And yet for all this, Haiti and its sub-Saharan African counterparts rank as the worst places to live on Earth — and that’s according to the hand-wringing, SJW-staffed, multicultural, anti-white United Nations.

The common element? Race.

According to the United Nations 2016 Human Development Report, the twenty best nations on Earth are predominantly white nations like Norway, Ireland, and the U.S., or capitalistic Northeastern Asian countries Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. The list remains predominantly white, then transitions to mestizo or Asian/Arab nations, then nearly transforms into a blacks-only club by the time it gets to the “low human development” category. War-ravaged Syria ranks at 149, Melanesian-populated Solomon Islands is 156, and totally war-torn Afghanistan ranks at 169, but every other nation in the “low human development” category is black. The only nation in the Western Hemisphere ranked in this category is Haiti at 163. True, it’s experienced a bad earthquake and a bad hurricane, but so have other nations on the planet, including the United States (Harvey and Irma, anyone?) Haiti was known as the crown jewel of the Caribbean when it was ruled and populated by white Frenchmen. Once the blacks and mulattos revolted and raped, killed, and ate the white people, Haiti took a turn for the worse and never looked back.

Keep in mind that just as the massacre is hailed by communist anti-whites today as a “defining moment in the history of racism in the Atlantic World,” it was prelude to the Boer genocide in South Africa and is a macrocosm of what happens in every black-dominated inner city in the U.S. today. American blacks don’t denounce the massacre or Haiti’s founder, Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Why? Because it’s social justice, black style. Kill the Boer, burn down the South, #takeaknee, and all that.

Trump was right to question why the United States has invited so many blacks to come to our shores. The ones we have don’t even like being Americans, and the ones that haven’t grown up as the richest blacks on the planet have even worse habits than their American-born cousins.

The racial, genetic roots of behavioral differences among nations should be as uncontroversial as the racial, genetic roots of behavioral differences in dog breeds or varieties of tulips. It’s science, plain and simple. There are practical consequences to these scientific facts that leftists don’t like, though, because they worship at the altar of equality. For them, every day is MLK Day. For them, #TimesUp every day. We don’t have to worship at the altar of their false goddess though. The sassy queen of SJW imaginations doesn’t actually reign supreme in the real world. The Almighty God to whom Thomas Jefferson referred as “Nature’s God” in the Declaration of Independence is the one whose created order we must oblige. The failure to respect natural, racial differences in our national immigration policy has had terrible consequences on innocent people. It’s no crime and no sin to keep Haitians in Haiti, or to buy one-way tickets for triggered American blacks to return to the motherland. God told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, but He never ordered us to blind ourselves to reality and let our neighbors become our masters and conquerors.

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