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In her first gubernatorial finance report, Speaker of the House Beth Harwell will show more than $5 million cash-on- hand, with more than 1,000 individual Tennesseans contributing to her bid for governor since July, the campaign announced today.

“I am grateful to all of the Tennesseans across the state who have contributed to my campaign,” Harwell said. “I pledge to be a good steward of their hard-earned money and gracious donations in this race for governor. We are positioned to be successful in getting our pro-conservative message out to Tennesseans statewide. This initial financial report is indicative of that goal, and I am excited about and proud of our efforts.”

David Ingram, treasurer of Harwell’s campaign, said she is the most qualified candidate in the race for governor. “Speaker Harwell will be ready to go to work on Day One,” Ingram said.  “She will be fiscally conservative as governor, just as she has been as Speaker of the House. She has balanced Tennessee’s budget every year, eliminated the gift and death taxes, kept the state the lowest debt state in the country, and cut nearly $1 billion in taxes.”

Harwell’s fundraising was led by her statewide Finance Committee, which includes the following members:


Karen and Andy Adams

Kathryn and Fred Dettwiller

Susanne and Robert Adams

Patty and Kenny Diehl

T. Clark Akers

David Dingess

Deborah and Darrell Akins

Michael Dioguardi

Marshall Albritton

Alberta and Bob Doochin

Barry Alexander

Kathy and Ralph Drury

Beth Alexander

Wayne Dugger

Charles Allen

Noni and Rusty Dunn

Katherine and Tommy Alsup

Patsi and Steve Flatt

Carolyn Amiot

Beth Fortune

Bill Armistead

Elizabeth Foss

Carylon and J.B. Baker

David Fox

Gary Baker

Thomas Garland

Barry Banker

Jerry Garrett

Barbara and Nader Baydoun

Malcolm Greenwood

Janet and Earl Bentz

Lynn Greer

Evelyn and Steve Blackmon, Jr.

Cindi and Joe Gregory

Roberta and Bill Blankenship

James Gregory

Melba and Bill Blevins

Faye and Walter Hale

Lise and Lindsay Bohannon

Dick Hammer

Joey Brake

Tommy Harper

Patty and Charlie Bryant

Liz and Russell Harwell

Ann and Frank Bumstead

Kyle Hasty

Susan and Damon Byrd

Alan Hubbard

Andrea Carlton

Sara and Larry Hyatt

Fran and Scooter Clippard

Sarah and David Ingram

Charlotte and Tom Cone

Orrin Ingram
Rebecca and Dick Cowart

Karen and Dr. Gary Jerkins

Ray Crouch

Beverly Johnson

Mike Curb

Steve Johnson

Brownlee Currey

Sarah and Walter Knestrick

Robbie and Hank Davis

Pam and Mike Koban

Lip Davis

Paul Kuhn

Nina Kumar

Cathryn and Billy Rolfe

R. Craig Laine

Elise Garber and Chuck Ruttan

Sam Lewis

Ellen Sadler
Heather and Dr. Jim Loden

Dorothy and Joe Scarlett

Ruth and Will Long

Gerry and David Sciortino
Tom Loventhal

Jacquelynn and Marshall Shumate

Shannon and Charlie Martin

John Simmonds
Andy Martin

Margaret and Bill Sipes

Dr. Paul McCombs

Julius Sloss
Janice and Dr. David McCord

Nan and Doug Smith

Wayne McCreight

Joan and Sid Smith

Kelley and Austin McMullen

Rita and David Solomon
Vickie and Howard Mertz

Jennifer and John Steele

Charlotte and Newton Molloy

Ann and Turney Stevens

Bonnie and Jim Moon

Rosemary and Johnny Stites

Katerina and Mayor Robby Moore

Jenny and Josh Stites

Linda and Rock Morphis

Sherri and Barry Stowe

Lisa and Rob Mortensen

Mary and Paul Stumb

Dianne Neal

Paul Stumb, Jr.

Edee and Don Orr

Sheryl and Eddie Thompson

Frank and Barbara Outhier

Jimmy Tosh
Anita and Tim Pardue

Scott Turner

Wright Pinson

David Vulcano

Patsy and Ted Potter

Dr. Andy Walker

Ann and Scott Price

Brenda Walley

Bill Raines

David Watson

Linda and Jerry Rainey

Brenda and Dr. Phil Wenk

Joan and Ben Rechter

Julia Ann and Dr. Ralph Wesley
Marty Regan

Mary Beth West

Debbie and Tom Rice

Blair Wilson

Susie and Jim Rieniets

Caroline and Bill Wilson

Carol and John Rochford

Dr. Bruce Wolf

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