That revealing, explosive and shocking memo regarding FISA surveillance abuses by the FBI and Justice Department against the Trump Campaign may be released as early as tomorrow.  Now FBI Director Christopher Wray is making noises like there are facts left out of that memo and it shouldn’t be released quite yet.

Based on his own actions the short time FBI Director Wray has held that office, it does not appear our President should invest any trust in him at all.  Which brings me to my main question here:  Who the Hell recommended President Trump appoint Christopher Wray to be FBI Director?

Our President is surrounded by rats on both sides of the political isle, and I strongly suspect Mr. Wray was recommended to our President by those who do not have the President’s best interests in mind.

The FBI has been a dirty organization since before Kennedy was assassinated.  Then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was known to have information to blackmail Kennedy about his many affairs and his use of both legal and illegal drugs, and the FBI actively cooperated in the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.  Since then, we’ve had FBI agents collude with known murdering criminals like Whitey Bulger.  The FBI covered-up the whole Ruby Ridge tragedy where FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi intentionally murdered Randy Weaver’s wife while she was standing in her own doorway, armed only with her 10 month-old suckling child.  Then we saw how the FBI barbecued 80 men, women and children at Waco, Texas without receiving so much as a slap on the wrist.  I could go on.

Now we have a Trump-appointed FBI Director clearly trying to prevent the American public from seeing a four-page memo that will reveal even more wrongdoing by the FBI and the Justice Department.  So we know Wray is a DC Swamp Rat who replaced former DC Swamp Rat James Comey, and I want to know who the DC Swamp Rats were who recommended Trump appoint Christopher Wray to replace him.

That should prove to be their undoing, and the names that come up had better not be Paul Ryan or John McConnell.


Carl F. Worden

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