Trump Humor; The Stand-Up State of the Union Comic

You know, what we are about to be having here is a REVOLUTION and not just another reform.  The entire Democrat Party USA (100%!) is at-last-openly exposing itself as demonic.  They’re not just “mistaken people” nor even just “out-n-out Communists.”  They’re all all all devils – white devils and black devils, male devils and female devils, “straight” devils and sodomite devils, young devils and old devils, handsome devils and ugly devils, et al  ~  BUT all  d – e – v – i – l – s , humanoid only in appearance.  The dead give-away here is two-fold: 

    (1) Intelligence.  In their coveted high places in Industry, Religion, as well as Government, they’re bound to be the smartest – read “most devious” – devils around these days.

    (2) Narcissism.  The PPK system-of-choosing so-called “representatives” in government (the Political Popularity Kontest) itself automatically and naturally results only in (a) the most self-centered egomaniacs to seriously even “run” much less to “win” High Office plus (b) the narcissists superior at disguising their personality disorder/mental illness as something admirable.

    IF all the Trump-era TALK about the coming destruction of the most gigantic crime party, the Republokrat Party USA, ever BECOMES the destruction of the most gigantic crime party in all of Human History, THEN, following or even during the myriad of treason/felony trials, treason/felony convictions, and treason/felony executions, we must get to the central matter of our needed REVOLUTION, the inherent wickedness of (a) the presumptuous PPK electing system plus (b) supreme TN Statehood versus limited USA Alliancehood.

rw  Tennessean .

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