Family says Weinstein scandal publicity led to Hollywood producer’s suicide

Jill Messick


Jill Messick, a veteran studio executive, producer, and former manager of Rose McGowan, committed suicide after being caught in a high-profile feud between McGowan and Harvey Weinstein, her family confirmed Thursday. She was 50. In a blistering statement, Messick’s family said she had struggled with depression for years and was “broken” by being associated in news reports with McGowan’s allegation that Weinstein raped her. Last month, Weinstein’s team used a quote from Messick to support his claim that his contact with McGowan was consensual. “Seeing her name in headlines again and again, as part of one person’s attempt to gain more attention for her personal cause, along with Harvey’s desperate attempt to vindicate himself, was devastating for her,” the family said.

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