Where do Bill Lee & Randy Boyd stand on Important Issues?

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A well known Patriot in the Nashville area has compiled a set of links showing you where Randy Boyd & Bill Lee Stand on Issues of Importance to the TN. Alliance and the Conservative majority in the State of Tennessee.  Our choices are becoming limited.  If you are now supporting Randy Boyd or Bill Lee, please view the links below for critical information on where they stand.

Many thanks to this very active Patriot:

Randy Boyd:

  1.     Jeb Bush supports him.
  2.     Don Sundquist supports him.
  1.     Boyd supports of LBGT agenda.
  1.     Boyd supports illegal immigration and gave $250,000 to La Raza.




  1.      Boyd supports tax increases.
  1.     He is a self-proclaimed moderate.
  1.     Boyd has ethical issues involving state money
  2.     Supports in-state tuition for illegals   Note: The Education forum would not deny this.

Bill Lee: 

To those of you who might be thinking that Bill Lee could be the answer, here are links about Bill Lee.  Many have stated that while a businessman entering the race is not a bad thing (think Trump), after a while one expects this person to LEARN Quickly.  That doesn’t seem to be happening from feedback we are hearing.  Besides the above, his stances on issues of Importance to the TN. Alliance and Conservative movement overall are very concerning/troubling:

  1. Lee doesn’t know who is the Commissioner of Education.
  2. Lee doesn’t support the Bathroom Bill:
  3. Lee’s disclosures state that he only netted $300,000 last quarter. Bill and Diane could put in $20 million each.
  4. Lee doesn’t support Constitutional Carry.
  5. Lee supports Gay Marriage.
  6. Bill Lee has spent thousands of dollars supporting a Liberal PAC that pushes pro-Common Core and Pro-Tax candidates:

Find your TN. Legislator here: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US TO PUSH THE State of Tennessee to a position of Sovereignty as was originally meant in the U.S. &
State of TN. Constitutions. 

If not now, WHEN? 

If not us, WHO?

WE are STRONGER when we speak with ONE VOICE!


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