‘Resign Now! Megan Barry’ Rally Set for Tomorrow at Metro Nashville Courthouse

The Tennessee Star

A rally calling on embattled Mayor Megan Barry to resign “effective immediately” will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, February 20, at 5 p.m., on the south side steps of the Metro Nashville Davidson Courthouse, organizer Rick Williams told FOX 17.

Late last month Mayor Barry admitted to having a two-year-long extramarital affair with her Metro Nashville police officer bodyguard, Sgt. Rob Forrest.

The two took nine trips alone together out-of-state at taxpayer expense over the two years. One of these trips was to Athens, Greece, another was to San Francisco, California, and yet another was to Washington, D.C.

“Having sex with a subordinate is an ethics violation for sure at a minimum,” Williams explained to the Fox affiliate, adding:

They feel like she was busy with a romance for two years and didn’t tend to the things she promised. Corporate leaders, they question whether they should work with someone with a recent tainted past.

I personally like Megan Barry. I felt very sorry when her son passed away, I attended both the visitation and funeral. It’s not anything personal at all, I just think she’s lost the trust of the citizens.

Long-time pastor and Nashville community activist Enoch Fuzz is expected to be one of the speakers. Last week, Fuzz called on Barry to resign.

Jonann Porish, an East Nashville resident currently working in the music industry will also speak.

Former Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain has also been invited to speak.

Last week, Barry repeatedly refused to answer questions from a WSMV reporter about taxpayer resources used to send her and Sgt. Forrest on luxury trips, including the Athens trip.

The previous week, “in a blockbuster report that aired on Friday, NewsChannel 5’s Phil Williams revealed that documents obtained from the Mayor’s office which purport to show Chief Anderson approved Forrest’s travel with her are factually incorrect.”

The Mayor’s office attempted to call the document it produced which showed Chief Anderson had approved Forrest’s travel request when in fact those requests were approved by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Debbie Mason, “a computer glitch.”

As The Tennessee Star reported:

After an audit, Keith Durbin, the head of Metro Nashville’s Information Technology Services department wrote in a memo obtained by NewsChannel 5, “After completing the investigation, ITS has concluded that due to a long undiscovered system flaw affecting an infrequent situation, Chief Anderson did not receive nor approve Sgt. Forrest’s travel requests pursuant to protocol.”

“According to the memo, the travel for Sgt. Forrest and other members of the mayor’s security detail was approved by the Mayor’s chief of staff,” NewsChannel 5’s Williams reported

Mayor Barry is currently the subject of three investigations: one by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, one by a special Metro Council committee, and one by the Metro Ethical Board of Conduct.

On Facebook, the ‘Resign Now! Megan Barry’ rally’s call to action reads:

South side steps
Speakers at 5 p m
Attendees are asked to wear red.

We are Nashville! This is Tennessee’s Capitol City. Stand with us!
We cannot be lead by a person with no moral or ethical standards. Mrs. Barry’s capacity for deception and lack of respect for this Community is abhorrent.

Please pray for the people of Nashville and Tennessee. Please pray for all our community leaders: Faith, Corporate, Education, Government, Media, Elected Officials, and all Candidates seeking office. We need them to stand with us and publicly denounce Mrs. Barry’s abuse of authority and public trust.

Nashville must hold Mrs. Barry accountable for her 2-year extramarital affair with a married employee she forced taxpayers’ to pay over 150K in overtime to and also the expenses of their extravagant travels; including trips to Greece and Paris.

We, the people of Nashville, demand her resignation, effective immediately.

The rally is the result of bombshell revelations surrounding a years-long affair Mayor Barry had with her security chief, Rob Forrest. During the course of their relationship, Forrest more than $150,000 in overtime payments in 2017, as well as accompanied Barry on luxury out-of-town and overseas trip alone.

At issue is the possible ethical and legal exposure of Barry, Forrest, and many top Metro Nashville City officials the expenditures and subsequent cover-up could represent.

The Metro Nashville Davidson County Courthouse is located at 305 Broadway in Nashville.

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