Mueller files new charges against Manafort, Gates

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were charged Thursday with 32 counts of bank fraud, tax evasion and failing to disclose a dizzying array of foreign companies and holdings.

A federal court in Virginia on Thursday returned a 32-count superseding indictment charging Manafort and Gates through Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s wide-ranging investigation.

Here’s a rundown of what Manafort and Gates allegedly did according to investagators:

  • “Manafort and Gates generated tens of millions of dollars in income as a result of their Ukraine work,” the indictment says. “From approximately 2006 through the present, Manafort and Gates engaged in a scheme to hide income from United States authorities, while enjoying the use of the money.”
  • How much money are we talking here? Prosecutors allege that more than $75 million flowed through Manafort’s and Gates’s offshore accounts. Manafort is accused of laundering more than $30 million that he concealed from the Treasury Department with Gates’s help. The indictment says Gates obtained more than $3 million from the offshore accounts that he concealed from the government.
  • And what did they allegedly do with it? Manafort allegedly used the money to support what the indictment describes as a “lavish” lifestyle in the U.S., including purchasing multimillion-dollar real estate properties and other luxury goods. Gates allegedly used the funds to pay for his children’s tuition, interior decorating and to finance his home in Virginia.

The Hill has more on this

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