Let me get this straight:  The Sheriff Deputy who was assigned security at the Florida school that was shot up killing 17 people, took a defensive position outside the school even though he could hear rapid-fire shooting and knew kids and staff were being murdered inside?

Okay, that’s bad enough — or is it?

It turns out, his boss, Sheriff Israel, went on the CNN Town Hall Meeting and decried even the idea that teachers at the school should be armed.  For Sheriff Israel, saving children’s lives before first responders could arrive isn’t an acceptable idea.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think this idiot Sheriff will ever get re-elected to that position again.


Oregon Senator Ron Wyden

Nor should Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.  Unfortunately for our innocent children, this is Oregon, a radical blue state almost as horrible as California.  Wyden just came out against the idea of arming teachers, even on a voluntary basis.

The problem with people like Wyden is that when , not if, another shooter hits another Oregon, “Gun Free Zone” school, Wyden will be miles away, safely ensconced in his office or on the Senate floor, while the children he claims to care about are slaughtered en masse.  Democrats are always good for making somebody else pay for their stupidity, even with their lives.

Our newspaper editors statewide, who are also radical Liberals, will also be safely in their office or home when the next mass-murder at a school takes place.

Our bi-sexual Oregon Governor will also be miles from the horror, as will all the members of the mostly Liberal Oregon Legislature who think guns are never an option and want them all banned, which worked well for preventing people from getting drugs, but pay no mind to that.

Tell you what:  If these jerks who promote these anti-gun philosophies knew they, or a beloved family member would be executed if another school shooting happens in Oregon, they’d change their tune right now.  They are gutless cowards.

Teachers are your children’s parents while at school, and most teachers truly love their students, which makes them the most lethal element possible (if armed) against an attacker.  The coach at the Florida school saved the lives of three kids by throwing his body over them.  He was killed, but if he had that much courage and rage, I’ll bet that little bastard Kruze would be bleeding out if that coach had a concealed gun to stop him.  Sure, he might have been killed anyway, but at least those other kids would have had a chance instead of NO chance.

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy (or woman) with a gun.  I say arm our teachers, like they do in Israel.  That stopped the terror attacks on schools in Israel, and it will work just fine here too.


Carl F. Worden

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