North Carolina Magistrate Wins Over Same-Sex Marriage Discrimination

The Gay Left Bit a Little more they could chew… but taxpayers have to pay the bill.

A settlement was recently finalized in a matter in which a federal court had ruled that North Carolina officials violated Union County, N.C., magistrate Gayle Myrick’s rights when they forced her to resign in 2014 over her beliefs about traditional marriage. Myrick’s immediate supervisor proposed switching Myrick’s schedule so that she wouldn’t have to perform same-sex weddings, but the state rejected that solution and urged Myrick to resign. Myrick filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission, and Becket, a public interest law firm, took her case. Under the terms of the settlement, Myrick will be paid $300,000, which includes $210,000 in pay and retirement benefits lost when she was forced to resign, as well as legal fees. “I have always wanted to find a way to protect everyone’s dignity,” said Myrick. “The solution in my case would allow any couple to get lawfully married without facing rejection or delay, and magistrates with religious beliefs like me could step aside and still keep our jobs.”

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