The Left’s Point of View about Arming the Defenseless

The left, which love hyperventilating over a subject they know little about and the little they think know they know is truly distorted. But we are going to give them their moment, paragraph by paragraph. This is what we are fighting against.

From the Pen:

The first thing everyone needs to understand about assault weapons is that they are NOT guns, as most people think of guns. They are something more like missile launchers, with projectiles that essentially explode in a victim’s body, leaving nothing behind of vital organs but unrecognizable shreds, exit wounds as big as an orange. If one hits one of your vital organs there is absolutely nothing that can be done to save you. They are essentially airborne anti-personnel mines.


This is because the muzzle velocity of an AR15 is THREE times that of a “gun” like a 9mm. Assault weapons have absolutely no application in hunting, unless you are into pulled deer meat, or shredded trophies.

Their only purpose is to murder as many people as fast as possible.

They are a self evident and existential threat to public health and MUST be taken off our streets.

Just put an armed police officer in every school says the NRA, or arm a bunch of teachers with “concealed” hand guns, while Trump is good for nothing but parroting their talking points. Donnie wanna cracker?

Even teachers who ARE former marines are saying gun toting teachers is a lunatic idea. It is a full time job alone, 52 weeks a year, to be trained to be combat ready, they say.

Because guess what, the school in Parkland, FL HAD a real trained police deputy on duty, and he hid behind his car when he heard the assault weapons fire. A real trained police officer was not interested in confronting someone with an assault weapon. He knew that sound. He knew what was going on. And he was not interested in committing suicide.

Trump wants to offer teachers a “bonus” for basically committing suicide, cause that’s what is comes down to as long as assault weapons are out there in civilian hands. Of course, three teachers in Parkland committed suicide anyway, taking assault weapon projectiles for their own students, to try to save them.

It’s not just a question of automatic vs. semi-automatic. Yes, fully automatic assault weapons are even worse, but semi-automatic assault weapons are just as horrific in terms of the carnage of the wounds they cause. And of course as long as bump stocks are out there even that thin dividing line blurs.

Some argue it’s hard to define what to ban and what not to ban. Not so. Muzzle velocity alone can determine what is and what is not appropriate in civilian hands. This ought to be easy. Here’s an idea, buy back all the assault weapons and give them to the real military, and we can save a bunch on our defense budget.

So no, we are not trying to take away everyone’s guns, as the irrational paranoids at the NRA would have people believe, though even regular guns need to be regulated like the still lethal weapons they are. But get the assault weapons off the street? Absolutely.

This is not about keeping and bearing arms. This is about keeping and bearing mass murder.

The right not to be mass murdered is inalienable. The right to play with assault weapons like they’re sex toys is not. We say, “People With Guns Kill More Than People Without Guns.” You can too.

Pistol vs AK47. 

Just to bring you back to earth, the definition of gun is a weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise.

Synonyms include: firearmpistolrevolverrifleshotguncarbineautomatichandgunsemiautomaticmachine gunUzi

All of those guns are missile launchers; period. The shorter the barrel the slower the speed. Besides the ammunition, that is the only difference,  shorter barrel less accurate at greater distances.

All guns within a specific range could possible kill you. One of our editors was hit by two 7.62 mm rounds and still took out two of his assailants with a 9mm H&K, killing both instantly with two rounds in the chest each before they could fire that third shot.

In the right hands, trained hands, and at 30 meters and less a hand gun is more than lethal enough in close situations. The average classroom is about 25′ x 30′.

In regards to the purpose of their intent… let me tell the story about the camel’s nose and the tent.

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