In August 2015, just two months after Donald Trump announced he was running for president, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions publicly threw his support behind the billionaire, the first major political endorsement for Trump by any major politician.  Sessions did this at a time when Trump’s campaign was just getting warmed up, but the signs were there that Trump was gaining steam even though the mainstream media was still laughing hysterically at the prospect that Trump even had a chance.

Now let’s remember that Trump won the Republican Primary over 16 other, “established”, candidates, including Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, so why did a seasoned politician like Jeff Sessions endorse an outsider like Donald Trump, and why did he do it so early in Trump’s campaign?  It certainly was not a politically savvy decision at the time Sessions made it, so why did he risk the political retribution he was sure to suffer if Trump’s campaign had failed?  Very few smart politicians would have done that, and Sessions is a very smart politician.

I am certain that during the campaign, Donald Trump asked Jeff Sessions what he would like in return for his endorsement, and I am just as certain Jeff Sessions told him he’d like to be considered for Attorney General.  It would be a good visual fit, because Sessions had been a lawyer and a prosecutor before becoming a politician.

So Trump wins the presidency and nominates Jeff Sessions to be his AG.  There is and always was Democrat resistance to any Trump cabinet nominee, but Sessions was confirmed after some minor squabbling that Sessions had made racist comments in the distant past.

And that is where the congruence of the story ends.

Over a year since Trump was sworn in as President, Sessions has dragged his feet taking any meaningful and productive legal action against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified secrets on her private e-mail server.  She destroyed hand-held communications devices with a hammer, and she used a product called Bleach-Bit to erase 33,000 e-mails that had been subpoenaed as evidence of her crimes.  Clinton was also being looked at for her clear involvement as Secretary of State in the Uranium One scandal, where 20% of all U.S. Uranium was sold to Russia, and over $145,000,000.00 was then, “donated”, to the Clinton Foundation by those who benefited from that very suspicious transaction.

The evidence of Clinton’s crimes is solid, and any decent prosecutor would have charged her with multiple violations by now, but Attorney General Sessions hasn’t even begun taking steps to hold her and her cohorts accountable!  That doesn’t fit.  Something is clearly wrong here, and I’m beginning to suspect what it might be with this question:  Is Jeff Sessions a Deep State plant who was placed on Trump’s campaign just in case Trump won?

Remember that illicit FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page referred to an, “Insurance policy”, in texts between each other in case Trump won.  Exactly what that term referred to was left out of the communication, so a lot of speculation has emerged that the insurance policy was the fake Russian Trump Dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.  That Dossier was presented to the FISA Court as evidence to get a search warrant on Carter Page, a Trump Campaign operative who had traveled to Russia for business on a number of occasions.  But the FBI had never tried to verify the outrageous allegations made against Trump and others in that Dossier, which means the FBI lied to the FISA Judge about the Dossier’s veracity mostly by omitting the fact it was a paid for political hit piece against Trump and his associates.  That is yet another crime.

Maybe the, “insurance policy”, was more multi-faceted than just a fake dossier used to secure a search warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign and then used to damage Trump if he won.  That Dossier was easily proved false in every aspect except the fact Cart Page flew to Russia a few times, so it wasn’t an item that could weather much scrutiny if put to the test.  But what if Jeff Sessions was a Deep State plant in the Trump Campaign all along?

The evidence certainly suggests that.  Right after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as AG, he recused himself from the Trump/Russia Collusion investigation because he had been active in the Trump Campaign, suggesting a conflict of interest.  So his Obama-holdover Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, took responsibility for the investigation and appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be Special Counsel.  Mueller, a close friend of fired FBI Director James Comey, then put together a team of rabidly biased Democrat supporters to go after Trump and his campaign associates, and that 14-month investigation hasn’t found a single shred of evidence linking Trump or his campaign advisers to any Trump/Russia collusion scheme.

Okay, so a costly 14-month investigation into Trump/Russia collusion has produced no evidence at all, yet with all the evidence against Hillary Clinton, Lorreta Lynch and the FBI, Jeff Sessions hasn’t appointed  a Special Counsel nor has he formed a Grand Jury to hear evidence of that obvious criminality.

What is wrong with this picture?  If you subscribe to the rule of life that tells you to let actions speak louder than words, then Sessions’ actions and failures to act reveal a man who is no supporter or friend of President Trump.  You cannot come to any other conclusion, other than to suggest Sessions is a coward or simply incompetent, but there is nothing to support that at all.

It is beginning to look like Sessions was tapped by Deep State operatives to infiltrate the Trump Campaign, including his presidency should he win.  I think Sessions is dirty.

Carl F. Worden

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