Illegal Aliens Are Americans And Other Nonsense From Kamala Harris


Democrats are pushing California Senator Kamala Harris as a frontrunner to take on Trump in 2020 and boy do I hope she does. Next to Ted Lieu she is the dumbest member of Congress and demonstrates this on an almost constant basis. Just digging through her recent tweets, she claims that illegal aliens are Americans, that enforcing immigration law is bullying, and that the lawless wasteland of California is the future of America.

A couple of days ago Harris tweeted this out:

“Dreamers are Americans in every way but on paper. Congress must do right by them. Let’s give them a path to citizenship,” wrote Harris.

Kamala Harris is a lawyer and a former state attorney general, so she has to know that in a lot of cases “paper” matters. With American citizenship, it’s actually the only thing that matters. I can say that I’m Master of the Universe in every way except on paper but that doesn’t make me He-Man. I probably need to go to technical school for that, but I’m not sure.

Then of course there is the problem that a deal was on the table to give DACA recipients (Dreamers) legal status and a path to citizenship, but democrats backed away from it because they didn’t want the border security provision that came with it. The democrats in Congress, Harris included, didn’t do right by the Dreamers at all, but she wants it to look those evil Republicans are behind it.

Then, in response to the Justice Department suing California over its illegal “sanctuary state” law that protects criminals and interferes with federal immigration enforcement, Harris said this:

“Trump and Sessions think they can bully California — but it won’t work,” Harris wrote.

That’s a weird definition of bullying. Trump and Sessions simply want California to obey the law and that’s bullying? Again, Harris was an AG. Was it bullying when she enforced the law or is this one of those things that’s only bad when Republicans do it?

Finally Harris manages to squeeze ten tons of bullshit into a 3 ounce Tweet:

“California represents the future, and if Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions don’t like it, they are in for a fight. It’s time for them to stop playing politics with immigrant communities and start focusing on public safety,” wrote Harris.

The only ones playing politics with immigration are the democrats. As I already stated, Republicans simply want to enforce the law. That’s not politics, but claiming illegal aliens are really Americans and saying any attempt to deport them is bullying is as political as it gets. Well, that’s not entirely true. The democrats shut down the federal government to protect illegal aliens, so that’s actually the most political thing that could be done on this issue.

Equally as dumb is Harris’ claim that harboring criminal illegal aliens from deportation makes the public safer. I shouldn’t even have to type out a rebuttal to this. When rapists, robbers, and murderers walk free among us, we are not safer.

Harris says “California is the future” and I don’t doubt that her in twisted progressive mind she believes that, but the rest of the country could do without the complete and utter failure of liberalism. California cities are crime-ridden hellholes that are soaked in human waste. The state has the highest cost of living and the lowest quality of life and freedom because democrats have run it into the ground. If California is the democrats big selling point in the midterms, they will continue to lose elections.

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