NRA Drops Bombshell Videos After Governor Calls Them A ‘Terrorist Organization’

BY BEN MARQUIS   |   Conservative Tribune

The liberal left have ramped up their rhetoric against gun owners in general and the National Rifle Association in particular as part of their most recent all-out assault against the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms.

Gun owners have been told by some liberals that they are responsible for the children murdered by mass shooters and that they have “blood on their hands,” while the NRA has been labeled a “terrorist organization” that is seemingly on par with al-Qaida, Hamas, the Islamic State group or the Taliban.

Nor has that despicable sort of rhetoric been confined to loony leftists on social media, but was in fact echoed by Democrat Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, who remarked recently that the NRA had changed over the years and “have in essence become a terrorist organization,” according to WTIC.

But according to American Military News, the NRA has not taken the affront against their honor and reputation lying down. The organization figuratively fired back online with the release of a slew of videos on Twitter featuring NRA members sharing their personal stories, each captioned with a similar question to the governor, “Do you consider this person to be a terrorist or member of a terrorist organization?”

First up was one of the heroes of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, Mark Geist, who is also a proud NRA member. Is this man who disregarded his own safety to defend other Americans from actual terrorists a terrorist himself?

Next up was Kimberly Corban, a woman who survived rape and has since become an advocate of the Second Amendment and a woman’s right to choose a firearm as a means of self-defense. Is she a terrorist or member of a terrorist organization?

The third video in the series featured former U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Marcus Luttrell, recipient of the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for his actions against actual terrorists.

As with Geist, should this man, who fought actual terrorists in defense of America, be considered a terrorist simply because he supports the Second Amendment and the NRA?

Following that was yet another U.S. Navy SEAL veteran who has fought against actual terrorists, Dom Raso, with a message for the extremist politicians who would disarm law-abiding Americans in the face of deadly threats by radical Islamic extremists.

Would this terrorist-fighting veteran be considered a terrorist because he supports an organization that seeks to defend the rights of American citizens?

After that came a hard-hitting message from NRA spokesman Colion Noir, who explicitly called out the media and politicians for policies which have resulted in violent crime-ridden cities, which those same media members and politicians then use as an excuse to call for more gun control.

Next up was an elderly black woman named Josephine Byrd, who marched with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma during the civil rights movement, and who now lives in a government-subsidized high-rise, surrounded by criminals and drug dealers. She was told she would be evicted if she possessed a firearm.

Is this elderly civil rights activist who simply wants the ability to defend herself from younger and stronger criminals a terrorist? Is the organization that helps protect her right to defend herself guilty of being a terrorist organization?

Finally, we have Gabby Franco, an immigrant from Venezuela who escaped the socialist regime which disarmed the law-abiding people of the country, leaving them defenseless against the cruelty and violence of the drug cartels and criminal gangs. Is this immigrant who only wants to be able to defend her family from those who would violate them a terrorist?

The progressive left wants to similarly disarm good and law-abiding citizens, and their dehumanizing rhetoric against those who stand up in defense of their natural right of self-defense — likening them to murderous terrorists — is sickeningly despicable. And it must stop, now.

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