It appears my wife will be proved right:  All these so-called investigations have only served to use up time in order to let the statute of limitations (SOL) run, which means there will be no prosecutions of the FBI agents, the Justice Department officials or the State Department officials who abused their office and attempted to overthrow the Government of The United States.  I predict there will also be no prosecution of Hillary or Bill Clinton, and probably not even the Clinton Foundation.

It’s all in the semantics used.  I watched VP Pence speak about the outcome of the House Intelligence Committee tonight.  He never used the term, “Prosecute”.  President Trump never came right out and said he wanted Hillary prosecuted, even when the crowd was yelling, “Lock her up”!

Just today it was announced that Clapper leaked information, but it was also mentioned that the SOL had run on Clapper’s lies and leaking.

There’s no point in my continuing to watch Hannity or Dobbs or any of the rest, because all they’ll do is tell us what is wrong and criminal, but if there won’t be any prosecutions of anyone involved, why let my blood pressure detonate?  I might as well enjoy a good movie.

That is why Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have not been fired from the FBI.  This is why Bruce Ohr still has a job at Justice.  This is why they are letting FBI big shot Andrew McCabe is being allowed to retire with full benefits.  I could go on.

If I’m wrong, I’ll admit readily — as I’ve done before.  But as it stands right now, the semantics used tell me nothing will ever be done.

Carl F. Worden

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