News from Real Clear Politics March 13, 2018

In Pa. Election, Trump Jr. Emphasizes High Stakes. James Arkin has this Election Day preview of the closely watched House race.

The Untold Story of Israeli Innovation. Peter Berkowitz reviews Avi Jorisch’s “Thou Shalt Innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World.”

Burger-Flipping Robot Mocks the Wage Assumptions of Left and Right. John Tamny explains in RealClearMarkets.

Trump’s Tariffs Won’t Help American Workers. Chad Stone makes his case in RealClearPolicy.

The Charter School Challenge. Also in RCPolicy, Frederick M. Hess and Amy Cummings suggest ways to improve the authorization process for these schools.

To Help Troubled Students, Teachers Need Support Not “Guidance.” In RealClearEducation, Emily Langhorne urges the Trump administration to propose a better alternative to Obama-era guidance on school discipline.

Base College Accreditation on Outcomes Not Inputs. Also in RCEd, Alana Dunagan argues that colleges should be evaluated according to the value they create for students.

Anti-Glyphosate Activists Are “Merchants of Doubt.” In RealClearScience, Cameron English writes that critics of the weedkiller are playing a shell game with the facts.

Eight Tips for Filling Out March Madness Brackets. In RealClearLife, Evan Bleier solicits advice from a mathematician and a professional handicapper.

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