Help Protect American Small Businesses and Consumers!

Over the years we have consistently advocated against Congress enacting harmful internet sales tax legislation.

Unfortunately, there are efforts in Congress to try to jam harmful internet sales tax legislation into a large, must-pass spending bill.

Under this proposal, items sold to buyers from small, out-of-state companies, artisans, and average consumers over the Internet will be taxed. Small businesses that use marketplaces will be harshly impacted as there is no small business exemption. Small businesses will be forced to meet costly and resource constraining out-of-state compliance and audit requirements.

This harmful tax legislation, known as the Remote Transaction Parity Act, is currently being advanced so action is needed right now. Click the button below to make your voice heard – participation takes less than 3 minutes of your time. With your help, we hope to send a strong message to Congress to REJECT this tax proposal.

We thank you for help in joining the effort!

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The eBay Government Relations Team

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