Is There More to Christianity Than Getting ‘Saved’?

For many, the answer to that question may not be much more than, “No. That’s the main thing. Now go evangelize others.” But what’s the point of getting “saved?” Is it just getting to go to heaven?

Just to ask these questions is heresy to some. But when we read the Bible as a whole, we see that Christian salvation is for a purpose, right here and right now.


Restoring the Vision is about seeing the “something more” that God has been doing since the very beginning of time that He calls us to participate in and, when understood, will ignite our faith and make even the seemingly mundane meaningful.

DATE: May 5, 2018

TIME: 8:30 am. – Noon, Central time

INSTRUCTOR: David Fowler, three-term state senator, attorney, and FACT President

COST: $25 for individuals or $40 for married couples ($10 savings), includes seminar binder materials and a copy of Albert Wolter’s book Creation Regained

LOCATION: Nashville School of Law

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