Jackson City Council April 2018 meeting April 3rd

The Jackson City Council will once again gather together tomorrow and vote the mayor’s bidding of increased spending and poor planning. Some of the items on the current agenda include:

Authorization to purchase property owned by the estate of John T. Murphy, located at 517-520 Airways Boulevard for the purpose of
relocating the Parks Maintenance Operations Department. The asking price is $220,000.

Acceptance of the Charter Review committee changes to the existing charter and authorization to submit recommended charter changes to the state legislature for approval and entry into the city charter.

Acceptance of the Recreation and Parks Master Plan – presented by Tony Black

The no brainer in the package would be the Consideration of an Ordinance to close and abandon a street stub running Northwest from Mimosa Drive to Stanfill Lane. Why so easy, it was someone’s driveway for the past 70 years.

The complete package (except for charter changes, they were not included) is below:

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