National Tele-Training

Please JOIN US for ongoing weekly National Tele-Training (Monday evening, APRIL 2, 2018) at:

— 5:30pm Pacific,   6:30pm Mountain,   7:30pm Central,   8:30pm Eastern
— To join the call, please dial 515-604-9816 and input access code 151025#

We will hear teaching from Debbie Wuthnow, Executive Director of, about how individual volunteers can assist in the creation of non-partisan Voter Guide info to help voters to identify and vote for candidates who support proven Judeo-Christian values.

iVoterGuide is affiliated with and;  please check out a brief history of iVoterGuide here:  Why iVoterGuide?  Debbie Wuthnow will teach for 30 minutes, and then we will address Q&A.  Please JOIN US and invite like-minded individuals who would like to positively impact which principles will guide our nation, states, counties, and cities.

Here is an OUTLINE of what you’ll learn on the Tele-Training call with Debbie Wuthnow, Executive Director of

  1. Why iVoterGuide? (Brief history of
  2. iVoterGuide – not your typical voter guide (philosophy and how we’re different) FAQ
  3. iVoterGuide Ratings – where do they come from?
  4. What is the best way to share candidate information?
  5. What races does iVoterGuide cover?
  6. Can iVoterGuide make a difference?
  7. How can you get involved?
    1. Pray for your leaders every day – signup for our daily email here
    2. Use com
    3. Signup for our iVoterGuide email list (scroll down and Join Us here)
    4. Like our Facebook page
    5. Share our Facebook posts with your friends
    6. Volunteer as a panelist here
    7. Contact us about partnering with your organization here
    8. Support us with donations, one-time or monthly recurring here

If you have not done so yet, please RSVP to let me know if you plan to JOIN US — Thank SO much, and have a blessed Easter resurrection celebration!

–In His love and strong grip, 
Mark Matta.  

PS  —  Let’s pray and work together keep the ball rolling back toward America’s Biblical / Constitutional foundation, that which secures LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY for all, and blesses ALL with the highest degree of individual religious, economic, and civil liberty EVER KNOWN in HUMAN HISTORY!

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