Victory in Hungary

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

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This weekend Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was re-elected to a third term in office. Orban’s Fidesz/Christian Democrat Alliance won 48.5% of the vote, with the right-wing nationalist Jobbik Party coming in second place with 19.5%. This gives the right a more than a two-thirds majority in Parliament. The Hungarian political landscape is looking very healthy, as the right wing vote increased from 67% to 69% since the previous election. Together they now control 160 of the 189 seats in Parliament.

Orban has been an ironman of the right in recent years, with his aggressive campaign against George Soros, strict immigration policies, Christian civic and social reforms, and Christian-nationalist rhetoric.

In a Reformation Day speech last year Orban, Europe’s only Calvinist leader, even said that all which Hungary and its people undertake should be done to the glory of God.

That he managed to get re-elected with a nearly 4% share increase of the vote, despite the overwhelming media campaigns against him, is a testimony to the sense and wisdom still present within Hungarian society and, in particular, its leadership. The media laments that the victory is a major blow to liberalism. Praise God for that.

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