Something very suspicious happened today to Facebook stock prices the moment Mark Zuckerberg began to testify before Congress:  The stock price jumped up by about 4% after steady declines since it was revealed that Facebook users’ data made its way to Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that was hired to help Trump’s campaign in addition to other campaigns, like that of Barack Obama.  Does anyone happen to remember that Mark Zuckerberg made something like 160 visits to the Obama White House?  I suppose they only spoke about golf, right Loretta Lynch?

But what was it that made investors rush to buy Facebook stock at the same moment the Zuck began to answer the Senators’ questions?  Wouldn’t a savvy investor wait until the hearing was over before sending in a buy order?  Wasn’t it possible that the Zuck would say something really incriminating that could drive the stock price lower?

I’m not buying it.

The Zuck and Facebook clearly staged this stock buy, and I think the stockholders should do a little investigating to find out if Facebook itself bought that stock to allay investor fears and recover all or most of their losses.

Mark Zuckerberg is a slimy, slippery and insincere little fraction of a man, and I have little doubt Facebook’s outrageous policies of punishing some controversial speech in favor of other controversial speech will continue because liberal extremists, as most Facebook employees are, are so committed to social engineering over profits or even their own job, that they will continue the practice no matter what Facebook policy guidelines are given them.  It fits the well-proven adage that, “Anything that can be abused, will be abused”.

The best possible example of that is the latest outrage where Diamond & Silk, two outspoken black Trump supporters were Facebooked as being, “Dangerous to the community”.  How are two black Trump supporting comedians dangerous to the so-called community?  What community?  Who decided what the community was made up of?  Who thought the, “community”, would be endangered by Diamond & Silk free speech?  Doesn’t the term, “Community”, have the stench of Communism all over it, and aren’t most liberal extremists Communists and Socialists?

Facebook is a monopoly that has no viable competition, so the natural Human inclination is to abuse and use that monopoly for political and social engineering purposes.  Liberals don’t support constitutionally protected free speech unless it is free speech they don’t find offensive, and Liberals run Facebook.  It doesn’t take a genius to predict how that will continue to play out.

Nothing is going to change at Facebook, other than government mandated regulations, and considering how Congress has been unable to get anything past the Senate, I doubt any such regulations will ever get passed into law.  That means Facebook will continue to abuse private data, and in view of that, Why oh why did Facebook stock suddenly turn positive?  It sure doesn’t look like independent investors would have bought that stock.


Carl F. Worden

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