Third-graders, coached by the NAACP, question $30M jail, $10M schools


Ricole Sanders listens as Madison County Commissioner Gerry Neese answer her question Tuesday, April 10, 2018, during the commissioners’ visit to Joann Pittman Lee’s third-grade intervention class at Alexander Elementary School in Jackson. (Photo: Morgan Timms / The Jackson Sun)

Story by Omer Yusuf, USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee / Edited by our Staff

Three third-grade students, coached by the NAACP, from Alexander Elementary School recently wrote a letter to the Madison County Commission, encouraging them to spend more money on education following its decision to allocate $30 million — of the $40 million it approved to borrow — for jail expansion and $10 million for the Jackson-Madison County School System.

In the letter, students wrote, “We believe that the schools should get more money than the jail, because children are the future of our community. Students need a chance. When kids grow up they need to be educated and that will reduce the crime rate.”

On Tuesday morning, County Commissioners Gerry Neese, Jason Compton and Jay Bush wanted to personally thank the students for writing the letter and answered various questions — about the County Commission’s decision to borrow $40 million — from the students during a 30-minute Q&A session at Joann Pittman-Lee’s intervention class.

The community should send a letter thanking the commissioners for their response.

Alexander third-grader Micah, one of the students who helped write the letter, said they wrote because they believe the jail expansion should receive less funding than the school system.

“Sometimes you don’t get what you want, but we want the schools to have more money than the jails to get repaired,” Micah said.

Below are several questions the students asked, followed by answers from the county commissioners, which have been edited for brevity.

Of course that letter might should have been sent to the Mayor and the Jackson City Council for their act of thievery of 12 million dollars annually.

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