I have netflix and I see a few real dogs from time-to-time, but considering all the hoopla given just released movie, “Dunkirk”, I was so appalled at that low-budget POS that I felt the need to warn everyone NOT to see it.

The actual story of Dunkirk was a true miracle, but the movie that was just released doesn’t depict what really happened there.  It took a massive number of small vessels to rescue around 400,000 trapped soldiers at Dunkirk, but the movie at most showed about 20 small boats at any one time, so you really don’t get the whole picture.  They could have added all the small vessels in via computer, but the producers and director chose not to for some odd reason.

What I am suffering from is a case of thwarted expectations, brought on by a massive advertising campaign that made one think Dunkirk could be movie of the year and an Academy Award winner.  By the time it was over, I was so pissed I just wanted to go to bed.

I would therefore nominate Dunkirk as worst movie of the century.


Carl F. Worden

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