War & More War…Who Benefits?

My gut has been wrenching for the last 24 hours.

Mr. President, where is the proof? Mr. President, why are we in Syria at all and threatening Russia?

A decade ago the U.S. government, media, etc. stated for months that the Assad government had attacked its own people with deadly gas and 1 ½ year later proved to be a grand lie. The same strategy is being used today.

President Assad’s Syria is the only nation in the Mideast that allows all religions to be practiced freely and without fear, which includes Christians.

So who is behind Bush neocons’ and the Jews’ 18 year war proven to be built on lies and presently promoting another disastrous war?  The rebels, 2 years ago, were defeating the Syrian army and closing in on Damascus when the Russian air force and a minimum of ground troops came to Assad’s rescue and destroyed the rebels in a few days.  Now the U.S. claims the victory.

Israel has always claimed the land between the Nile and the Euphrates Rivers belonged to them.  The U.S. has been fighting Israel’s wars for the last 20 or more years with huge casualties & cost and it appears the U.S. military has been propagandized to the point of being nothing but automatons. Hopefully this applies only to a small segment of Mideast forces. This statement is based upon the fact that one of the Mideast commanders named General Clark stated that numbers of his troops have vowed that they would die for Israel…what fools.

U.S. forces are securing Israel’s borders and others while the corrupt U.S. Senate & House of Representatives refuse to secure our own national borders, and that includes the Arkansas Six with Boozman & Cotton at the top of the list. Guess who is financing Cotton.

President Trump, in a Tweet challenged Russia with bravado and more stupidity, notice this was right after the Bush neocon John Bolton was hired. President Vladimir Putin has for years tried to become friends with the U.S. and the West, while being dogged as a “Warmonger” and a threat to the U.S.  Lies & more lies.

Trump must understand that a conventional war against Russia that Russia has never been defeated on their turf. The next step would be nuclear, which could threaten the whole world.  It is my belief that a phone call to Putin could resolve the whole matter. It is my further belief that if the U.S. attacks Russia on their soil we will be humiliated and then what?  World destruction initiated by the Republican Swamp.

Citizens, we are in a crisis where sensible heads do not seem to prevail. The above is just a figment of what is transpiring that threatens a peaceful & stable civilization.

Joe McCutchen

Arkansas Freedom dot Com

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