NPR Claims NRA Colluded with Russia without Any Evidence

Wondering if there’s even reason to ask if the NRA colluded with Russia shows that the elite media is worse than tabloid trash.

NPR’s story that it is possible (likely?) that the NRA colluded with the Kremlin is so deluded that I suspect they actually believe it. No one would knowingly push that kind of fake news because they’d realize how it would damage their reputation. (Though maybe not. The mainstream media remained mysteriously confident Hillary Clinton would win despite her horrible and ever-worsening reputation. Perhaps the problem with powerful elites is they lose the ability to consider it possible that they’re behaving like morons in public.)

It just goes to prove what George Orwell said: “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” It does this by demonstrating a related point: “There is no idea stupid enough to be rejected by the mainstream media if it serves their agenda.”


What is the difference between this and any tabloid trash or fake news that is commonly associated with Russian bots or the alt-right?

The Federalist reports, “NPR’s NRA-Russia Collusion Story Is A Complete Joke.

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden would soon take an active interest in exposing this unholy relationship with Russian agents. The Oregon senator has employed the age-old tactic of demanding answers to charges of impropriety that he knows can never really be disproven.

[…]So this week, the NRA gave the Senator some of those answers […] though they are under absolutely no obligation to provide him with any.

This document (also known as a “letter”) prompted headlines that ranged from “The NRA received donations from Russian nationals” to “NRA discloses additional contributions from Russian donors.” All of which probably sounded pretty damning to anyone who didn’t read past a headline. Those who did, on the other hand, would soon learn that Russian “nationals” meant 23 “Russian-linked” individuals — some of them Americans citizens living in Russia — who had contributed around $2,300 total, mostly in membership dues, over three years’ time. Approximately $525 of that sum came from “two individuals who made contributions to the NRA.”


NPR has likely spent far more than $2,300 tracking the story.

To put the above sums in more context, it’s worth pointing out that NRA probably has somewhere around five million paid members (15 million people think they’re members, according to Pew) and raised anywhere from 67$ to $300 million dollars a couple of years ago.

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