850,000 copies of “A Higher Loyalty” will go on sale on Tuesday…the book is No.1 on Amazon…a series of dishy interviews follow last night’s “20/20” opus…

But Comey’s media blitz — detailed here by The Hill’s Joe Concha — won’t be a cakewalk. The former FBI director has racked up an impressive list of enemies in the past two years:

  • The White House and the Republican National Committee have launched a coordinated effort to discredit Comey as a liar and a craven opportunist.
  • The Clintonistas are still furious at Comey for his handling of the email server investigation, and baffled by admissions in his book that the 2016 presidential polls figured in his thinking of the FBI’s probe.
  • Comey is publicly at odds with his past boss, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and his former top deputy, Andrew McCabe, over the Clinton investigation.
  • The Justice Department inspector general is putting the final touches on the definitive report on the Clinton investigation. It’s expected to be critical of Comey.

The Washington Post’s front-page review of Comey’s book was unflinching. From Carlos Lozada:

When Comey cops to petty misdeeds … the self-criticism — and self-regard — is almost comical … when the stakes rise, self-examination diminishes.”

And Comey is being rapped for wielding petty, personal insults about the president he clearly loathes.

Former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko tells us:

“It’s unseemly. Look — when you’re in a mud-slinging fight, you have mud on you. Is that where he wants to put himself? This will drive book sales, but what is the takeaway for those who once thought highly of James Comey? Will they think this is an honest man telling a straight story? Or does it look like revenge on steroids?”

Comey has mocked Trump’s hair, skin and hand-size. Trump has called the former FBI director a “slimeball” who belongs in jail. We learned little new from last night’s highly-anticipated ABC News interview about what the FBI might have passed along to the special counsel, although Comey said there is evidence of obstruction of justice and that it’s “possible” the Russians have something on Trump.

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