The Jackson Clarion Ledger reports that a lawsuit was filed against the City of Ocean Springs, Mississippi by a group called the Mississippi Rising Coalition. They are demanding the removal of the Confederate emblem from the State’s Flag and a ban prohibiting the Ocean Springs officials from flying the banner, calling it “racially demeaning and hostile.”

Others plaintiffs are the coalition’s president, Lea Campbell; Ocean Springs resident Ronald Vincent, and Curley Clark, who is the president of the Jackson County NAACP.

Ocean Springs, a coastal city with a population of about 18,000, is about 7.5 percent black. The City government didn’t fly the Flag for several years under a previous Democratic mayor. After a new Republican mayor, Shea Dobson, took office last July, the Flag went back up.

A 2016 federal lawsuit sought to have the Mississippi flag declared an unconstitutional relic of slavery. A federal district judge rejected that argument, and higher courts refused to overturn that decision. So the new strategy is to sue in local and State courts.

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