The NAACP is requesting changes be made to Stone Mountain Park following a press release on Friday morning.

The civil rights organization released a list of recommendations for the park, however, it does not include changing the monument of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and Confederate president Jefferson Davis on the face of the mountain.

According to the press release, “… due to the enormous cost of removing the Confederate-related carving from the north face of the mountain, theNAACP …does not presently advocate for the carving to be removed.”

Instead, the organization has released a list of changes they would like to be seen done including:

  • Ceasing all reference to the Park as a memorial to the Confederacy
  • Modifying the Historic Square so it does not refer to a plantation
  • Removing all antebellum references and symbols in the park
  • Changing the names of all streets named for Confederates

Any changes to the park would require a vote by the Georgia General Assembly to change the current law that prohibits the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces.

The end of the Georgia General Assembly 2018 legislative session occurred back on March 29, meaning that any vote or action on Stone Mountain will have to wait until Jan 2019 when state legislature reconvenes.

In addition, The Stone Mountain Memorial Association, which manages park operations, would have to also approve the removal.

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