VOTE May 1 AGAINST the Transit Tax

Nashville, TN

1- The Mayor’s “solution” for traffic congestion? Oh, it’s a Doozy!! Here it is: Raise our Nashville sales tax to the highest in the nation and then use that money to borrow billions to pay for a two track railroad in the middle of our busiest streets. And for icing on the cake, Nashville would be in road construction hell during the 10-14 years plus it will take to build this massive boondoggle. WE MUST TURNOUT and Defeat this transit tax.

2- Dates: You can Vote Early thru Thursday April 26 at these locations or on Tuesday May 1 but PLEASE turn out and Vote Against this absurd Transit Boondoggle.

3- Don’t live in Davidson County? You should still be VERY worried because if this passes in Davidson the perimeter counties will be next in line for huge tax hikes. A huge coalition of County Mayors and transit bureaucrats ALREADY has plans for Rutherford, Williamson, Sumner, and Wilson counties.

Please Notify anyone you know who lives in Davidson County to VOTE.

Nashville Tea Party

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