Americans that don’t trust in God trust in big government

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The central government our founders had in mind was a very limited one. They knew governments become tyrannical without checks and balances to control them. Our nation in many ways has departed from what are founders envisioned.

America was founded on Biblical concepts that are now denied by the state. Americans now give almost unlimited power to government and predictably tyrants are enslaving the people. It’s not just federal government either, take a look at California, New York and some other tyrannical state governments. The same can be said about some big city governments.

It’s not like we have not been warned about out of control government. Our founders warned us and more recently President Eisenhower, Kennedy and Reagan warned us about out of control government. The other presidents since Woodrow Wilson were part of the problem. Eisenhower, just before he left office, warned us about the dangers of the deep state military industrial complex. Kennedy warned us and he was killed. Reagan warned us and he was shot and almost died.

There is a globalist cabal of multi millionaires, corporatists, bureaucrats and bankers running the world. And it does not matter if you think they are Communists, Fascists, Jesuits, Masons, Zionists or Islamist’s because the luciferian socialists all conspire together and have the same goals. They want an all-powerful global government that will manage everyone and everything on earth. The only god they really know and serve is Satan.

They use war’s and revolution as a means to an end to achieve control over the whole world. World war II was really a war to determine which brand of socialism would control Eurasia. The nationalistic socialists were fighting the communist socialists. America got dragged into the war because we took sides.

After World War II communists became the enemy in America and elite Nazi’s were imported to help our military program. The secret program to import former Nazi’s into America was named “Operation Paperclip”. After the Right failed to remove leftist Communists from our government in the 1950’s and 60’s the differences between the different factions of socialism blurred. The socialists have been working together ever since to subvert America.

Nazi’s, Communists, Jesuits, high-ranking masons, atheistic Jews (they are not true Jews) and Islamist’s (all leftist socialists) control most of the world that we live in today. American styled liberty for all people is now just about dead in the world. Most governments in the world are now openly or covertly authoritarian. The world socialists pretend to believe in democracy but the ruling oligarchy with their appointed bureaucrats actually control everything. Even most world religion is under socialist controlled.

Most Americans learn nothing from history if they learn history at all. Our government has a long history of lying to the people. Most of our wars are based on lies. Now the deep state is working toward getting Americans to give up their constitutional rights for the promise of security that government cannot deliver.

Americans have become a gullible people. They just blindly trust government even though government proves not to be trustworthy. Even the press has become a propaganda arm of leftist statist deep state. America no longer has a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. America is largely run by the same godless statist socialist globalists running the rest of the world.

Government schools have become socialist indoctrination centers where they teach kids socialism and doctrines of demons. They brainwash our youth to rebel against the natural order that God created. Males are being mentally and chemically castrated in our schools. The end result is a generation of soy boys being led by radicalized women. As I speak, the leftists are using programmed school children to push their radical leftist political agenda on America. This leftist teacher and press led youth movement is what Obama wanted. Leftist governments created gun free zones that made the mass shootings possible. Now, the socialists are using the shootings to try to to take away guns from all Americans. History tells us what happens after Marxist governments takes away guns.

There are many examples in history where Americans have been lied to by our government as a means to an end. Most recently Americans were told by our government that the biggest mass murder in our time was done by a lone psychopath with assault weapons.

There are many theories about what happen in Las Vegas but few independent investigators believe the government account. Almost all independent investigators agree on two things. Top people in the FBI are purposely misleading the public and there was more than one shooter. Why were agents told not to investigate leads that did not fit the lone shooter narrative? One also has to wonder why American’s have already lost interest in finding out the truth about the murders of 58 American patriots.

It seems most Americans believe anything that government or the deep state controlled press tells them. That is dangerous because government lies to the people whenever it suits them. We have a government that makes everything classified so they can keep the truth away from the people. Is a secret government that spies on everyone the kind of federal government that our founders envisioned for America?

There was all kinds of illegal activity taking place under the Obama administration but it’s about impossible to get the facts when top people in government are lying and all the documentation is classified. Should we just trust government to investigate itself? Thus far that seems to be Attorney General Jeff Sessions approach.

Our founders warned us that our system of government was only possible for a moral people. The socialists have been working to demoralize Americans for decades. Now that the demoralizing and the destruction of families have largely been achieved they will implement phase two from the communist playbook. They will cause crisis and bring about riots.

They think the disorder will be followed by military rule and the rounding up of tens of millions of conservatives and Christians. However, unlike other nations where the communists, fascists and Islamist’s disarmed the people and took control, there is a small percentage of men in America that will not disarm, nor will they submit to socialist tyranny.

And if it comes to that, it would only take two percent of men with arms in America to militarily defeat the domestic enemy. Even with the temporary Trump retrieve it seems likely that American patriots and Christians will soon have to take up arms to defend themselves. The communists always persecute the middle class and the Christians after they take over. The white Christians in South Africa are now about to experience that.

America’s biblical foundations are crumbling. The nation our founders created cannot stand on satanic foundations and socialist lies. America cannot be great under godless socialism. I think Americans that gave up trust in God for trust in socialist big government allowed the progressive insanity that we see taking place today. Those that remain true to God and the absolute truths that our country was founded upon will either save the country from godless Marxism or they will die trying. Nevertheless, Christians always have the hope that the Rapture will take place before this nation goes down that very destructive road.

Written by Don Koenig and published by The Prophetic Years

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