The News According to Real Clear Politics

Senate Dems Still Lead GOP in Fundraising. James Arkin breaks down the first-quarter totals.

Hidden Bombshell in McCabe Report. Charles Lipson spotlights testimony indicating that a high-ranking Obama Justice Department official tried to kill the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

On Pompeo, Hypocrisy Reigns. Ryan Clancy complains that Democrats have forgotten the words of Joe Biden when it comes to confirming Cabinet picks.

The Great Tax Migration. Rob Arnott and John Tamny explain how the loss of most state and local tax deductions could produce the greatest population shift since the aftermath of World War II.

Thrown for Losses, Investors Can Only Boo the Refs. In RealClearInvestigations, John D. Wasik reports that defrauded investors often find themselves blocked by the brokerage industry’s self-regulator.

Paul Ryan’s Departure and Future of the House. In RealClearPolicy, the bipartisan group No Labels considers the context and potential consequences of the speaker’s departure.

Medical Marijuana: A Clear-Cut Federalist Issue. Also in RCPolicy, Demetrios Karoutsos urges Republicans to embrace the state-led trend both on principle and for political reasons.

Turning Schools Into Centers for Civic Engagement. In RealClearEducation, Reuben Jacobson contends that public schools are key to reviving communities.

Deadliest Shipwreck Was in America, Not Great Britain. In RealClearHistory, Brandon Christensen shares the story of the steamboat Sultana, which in April 1865 exploded and sank on the Mississippi River, taking 1,547 lives.

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