The News Today from Real Clear Politics

Jenkins, Morrisey Lead Blankenship in W.Va. Primary Poll. James Arkin has the numbers as the GOP Senate candidates jockey for position ahead of the May 8 election.

Neil Gorsuch and the Return of Rule-of-Law Due Process. In RealClearPolicy, Nathan S. Chapman applauds the justice’s originalist approach in the recent case Sessions v. Dimaya.

Why Do Christians Put Up With Trump? In RealClearReligion, W. David Montgomery explains why he sees no moral conflict between his Christian faith and his support for the president.

Reforming Arms Export Control: Better Late Than Never. In RealClearDefense, Rachel Zissimos hails the administration’s new conventional arms transfer policy.

Remaking NASA Into a Leaner Spacefaring Machine. In RealClearScience, Ross Marchand urges Congress to ensure that the agency’s new administrator, Jim Bridenstine, undertakes cost-conscious missions moving forward.

Storied Homes on the Real Estate Market. In RealClearLife, Diana Crandall spotlights 10 historic houses currently up for sale.

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