The Werewolves of Memphis

by Clive Sanguis  |   Faith & Heritage

Adam Grey’s recent article on The Gospel Coalition is a good intro to what took place on April 3 in Memphis, where TGC and ERLC hosted the MLK50 conference, honoring a perverted Communist as a moral exemplar for his work in extending indefinitely the theft of “Reconstruction” and, most importantly for “civil rights” leaders, providing a nooseless solution for bedding white women.

All the cucking and howls of gibsmedat at the conference whipped perpetually-needy Africans and various Soros employees into a self-righteous froth, and in the days following it was proclaimed throughout the land that white people must repent of their corporate guilt for failing to give their lives to a man who only wanted to love you, and love you REAL good.

Ron Burns, who took for himself the name Thabiti Anyabwile, or if you prefer, Swahili Joe, hopped aboard the grievance train, bound for the Big Rock Candy Mountaintop. I mean, of course, that he took to the Internet and pounded out a screed which accuses all dem honkies of pulling the trigger for James Earl Ray. But I wouldn’t want you to think of this as a hate crime (does he look like a hate criminal?) or think that this will adversely affect his employment in any way. He’ll still be a coveted token on Reformed parachurch ministry conference panels. Good tokens are hard to find.

Mustafa Dave writes that “the entire society killed Dr. King.” But of course, he doesn’t include blacks in the “entire society.” He clarifies, “My white neighbors and Christian brethren can start by at least saying their parents and grandparents and this country are complicit in murdering a man who only preached love and justice.” The article is so thoroughly Marxistthat it essentially substitutes blacks for the proletariat and whites for the bourgeoisie.

In another article, he actually makes agreeable points on how the Bible deals with blood relations, but this is only in service of his claim that all whites bear guilt for the murder of MLK, infinitely through their generations, except for those who denounce “racism,” which means in this context the desire of white people to freely associate and keep their own institutions, as inherited from their own ancestors, and not to harm or deprive blacks in any way because of it. He writes, “The biggest wrong is minimizing or denying that racism exists. . . . When it comes to racism . . . white America is Cretan in its understanding and actions.”

In other words, white people are “evil beasts” if they disagree that the Bible condemns slavery, that our Constitution and laws were sinful for supporting it, that miscegenation should have been legalized, that black children in their own schools, and their families in their own neighborhoods, were ipso facto mistreated or deprived of justice, and that we have a never-ending racial obligation to repent of what were never sins or crimes in the first place, while keeping quiet about the racially-lopsided nature of crimes committed against us, year after year.

Then Dishonest Doug Wilson comes along, playing one of his typically devious tricks. It all sounds well and good to rebuke a reputed minister of the gospel for burdening Christians for generations with the ongoing guilt of “sin” allegedly committed by those who are no longer alive, and long since reimbursed. What Doug actually does here is far worse: he shows his conservatard stripes by acquiescing to the substance of the charge; he agrees that our grandparents were in sin for opposing heretical MLK’s rabble and the reversal of the separate-but-equal legal structure that Plessy v. Ferguson put in place. He bows in reverence to the politically-correct gospel, which is that we too are in sin if we agree with our grandparents.

As flowery as Doug’s words can be – and he makes some good points, in spite of himself – he implicitly concedes defeat by refusing to strike the root, which is the charge that “racism” (i.e., wanting our grandchildren to look like our grandparents, and rejecting the foolish wishes of our children to marry anything with a pulse and different chromosomes, even if it calls itself Christian) is sin!

Notice how Doug calls Soul Glo Tom a cultural Marxist, not for elevating the Communist agitprop of “racism” to the level of sin, but for joining with those who monetize guilt. He then puffs out his chest and shows that he’s above the nastiness of racial loyalty by calling white people “officious busybodies, wanting to run everything,” who like to “accuse their ancestors of appalling crimes while feeling superior in the accusation. Self-loathing and pride, rolled all into one.” This is true, and it’s exemplified by Doug himself. But then he refuses to characterize blacks in a similar way; he simply tells His Ebony Highness, the Marquis de Willy, that “your people can be free of their besetting sins today.”

White pastors, who place the word race in quotations every time they write it, because they believe that it’s Darwinian or a figment of the imagination, are ill-equipped to deal with the Marxist strategy being utilized so effectively against them. They are shepherds who can’t identify the sheep. Despite all their pretensions about “fencing the table,” they’ve allowed predators into the sheepfold, and their only solution to the predation is to tear down the walls to speed the conversion to sheephood.

Burns/Anyabwile may be on the fast track back to Nation of Islam radicalism. In his book, Reviving the Black Church, he writes that he left Islam because he came to view it as “a real enemy to the progress of African Americans, an opiate and tool of white supremacy.” This is where the hypocrisy of white pastors is glaring. They fawn all over Mobutu Lou, in the hope that he’ll anoint their foreheads with diversity oil, and they love it that he advocates “the progress of African Americans.” They love it that he opposes “white supremacy,” however that might be defined from week to week. But they cannot tolerate the idea of white men promoting the advancement and security of their own people. That would be – you guessed it – racist!

If only Jaffar Jimmy could behave himself at the country club, brunch would be serene. But no, last year our boy had to endear himself to his Washington, DC congregation by treating cops as enemies of the peace and endorsing a socialist Jew in a party of baby-killers to be the ideal representative of black interests.

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