No records of the events ever existed…. no conformations at all… CNN publishes it as news.

This week’s the spotlight was on Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s doctor and his pick to lead the vast Department of Veterans Affairs. Jackson started the week facing questions about his qualifications to the lead the VA, a massive and troubled bureaucracy. He ended the week by withdrawing his name from consideration following more than three days of controversy that included allegations of being drunk on the job, dispensing prescription medication too freely and creating a hostile work environment.

The latest: The Secret Service pushed back against one of the most detailed allegations involving Jackson; that during a trip abroad in 2015 he was allegedly drunkenly banging on the door of a female employee so loudly that the Secret Service had to intervene to prevent him from disturbing a sleeping President Obama.

“The Secret Service has no such record of any incident,” the agency said in a statement.

The allegation was first reported by CNN; it did not appear in the report released by Sen. Jon Tester (Mont.), the top Democrat on the Senate VA Committee.  Tester’s report detailed many of the allegations against Jackson by 23 of his current and former colleagues. However, the committee has yet to corroborate any of them.

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