The Jackson City Council will meet on Tuesday, May 1st, at 9:00 AM to due the Mayor’s bidding.

Things of interest:

There will be a proclamation regarding National Women’s Health Week which will be given to Margaret Murray, Mary Russell and Julanne Stone will be receiving the award.

There will be some updating on projects in CRA District 1 presented by Hal Crocker and CRA District 2 presented by David Hunt.

The council will looking at a Consideration of an Ordinance to Annex, a Resolution to adopt a Plan of Service, and an Ordinance to zone an area referred to as “Deeden”, generally located east of Brays Lane on the east side of Raines Spring road. The proposed zoning for the Deeden annexation area is 1-2. Rezoning of the area will occur after the after the area is annex. The city normally does not annex property prior to development and second the city, in this ordinance has proclaimed JEA and telecommunications a requirement of the annex process.

More debt in the future: There will be a Presentation to Council on CT-0253 closing document on $9 million TMBF loan required by State Comptroller’s office.

The complete package is below:

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