Not Worth the Savings Account You Keep It In

Peter Coyne, looking forward to the “Tale of Two Americas” Investment Symposium on Monday…

We cap off our “war on savers” theme this week with a savings account rate heat map. If you live in Rhode Island, Vermont or North Carolina, you enjoy the highest average savings account rates.


If you live in any of the other states… don’t worry. The spread is just 0.21%. Good luck growing your nest egg with these rates. But just because the Feds are determined to punish savers doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down.

Below you’ll find our essays on the savers plight and solutions you can use to protect yourself from rock bottom interest rates and money printing.

[Ed. Note: With a sense of optimism, we pivot to the upcoming week. On Monday night, we kick off Agora’s final Investment Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia: “A Tale of Two Americas.”

Addison and our managing editor Greg Kadajski will be on site keeping you updated. If you were unable to make the trip north, don’t worry. Here’s the next best thing to attending.

As this is our very last Vancouver Symposium… send your favorite memories of Symposiums past to]


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