Yuck: 9th Graders Shown Video about Sex Toys, Oral Sex and the G-Spot

Written by Onan Coca  |   Eagle Rising

This is what passes for public education in parts of America today, folks. Videos using raunchy terms, gross visual aides, and promoting sex as free, easy, and almost without consequence.

If you didn’t realize that your local public school was teaching smut and immorality to your children, it’s time you learned the truth… just like some parents with kids at Western Albemarle High School in Virginia recently learned.

Their children were shown a “sex education” video by popular YouTube personality, Laci Green. In the video Green discusses topics that most parents would find wholly inappropriate for the 9th grader to be discussing in a school setting, including oral sex, sex toys, and the g-spot.

Here are some of the lowlights from the video, via the Schilling Show, and the Daily Wire:

“I want to talk about penis pleasure.”

“It’s important to understand how male pleasure anatomy works.”

“This is relevant because sometimes you all will email me like ‘I really want to give my boyfriend an awesome blowjob and every time I do, I feel like I’m going to throw up.’”

“I think that the idea that you need to put penis in your lungs to give your boyfriend pleasure is an idea that comes from porn.”

“Very important question: ‘what about the balls?’ You’ve probably figured out by now that that is a very sensitive body part and you don’t want to go slapping it around.”

“Some people like their balls licked, or sucked or put a vibrator to them; there’s all kinds of things you can do.”

“Your butt can be a wonderful sense of pleasure, as well, especially if you have a penis.”

“On the inside of the butt, you’ll find the prostate, aka, the male G-spot.”

“You wanna make sure that your partner is already pretty aroused before doing prostate stuff. You want to make sure to use lube, because butts don’t produce any of their own lubrication.”

“You can stimulate a prostate with another penis, with your fingers, or with toys.”

“Just make sure that whatever you’re putting in there, it has a flared base, so that it doesn’t get stuck.”

“Every year 3,000 some people wind up in the emergency room because they put something in their butt that doesn’t have a flared base.”

After parents learned of what their students had been subjected to, they were completely aghast!

The school has worked with the Sexual Assault Resource Agency for several years, according to division spokesman Phil Giaramita, who added that the video was not the same as one previously approved in the curriculum.

After school administrators learned of complaints, the SARA representative was asked to leave, and the group’s role at the school is pending until the school finishes an evaluation of the incident, Giaramita said. Parents of the 28 students who saw the video have been called.

“Until now, our experiences with SARA at the school have been positive, and that contributed to not reviewing the video beforehand,” Giaramita said. “That was a mistake in judgment for which the administration takes full responsibility.”

Sheri Owen, SARA’s director of community outreach, said a teacher approved the video before it was shown.

One of the parents told the Schilling Show that the experience had even made them consider… homeschooling!

Sadly, these types of incidents happen on a daily basis in schools around the country, and while America’s parents are quick to be outraged… they are also just as quick to continue sending their children to the very same schools that are outraging them.

So who’s to blame? The schools for “teaching” such nonsense, or the parents for continuing to patronize the same schools that keep failing them?

You can see the video below – but be careful, it’s definitely NSFW:

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