Watch Out For A Policy Change……

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In a notable shift, wind and solar energy companies are donating more to Republicans than Democrats in the most recent congressional races, a Reuters analysis shows. It’s a marked shift from an industry typically aligned with the environmental left.

Political action committees (PACs) for solar and wind companies have donated almost $400,000 to candidates and PACs in the 2018 election cycle, according to campaign finance records reviewed by the news outlet. The donations include $247,000 to Republicans, $139,300 to Democrats and $7,500 to Independents.

In 2014, Democrats received 70 percent of contributions from the top seven major wind and solar PACs, Reuters reported. At the time, Democrats were seen as embracing policies that more greatly benefited the industry, including providing subsidies to prop up the emerging renewable resource sector.

Today, however, many renewable sectors are booming, outgrowing traditional energy industries like coal. That shift, paired with stunning job growth in those sectors — nearly six times more than coal mining, according to Reuters — has largely been seen in states that voted for President Trump in 2016.

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