Gina Haspel’s nomination to be CIA director is moving apace after reports emerged over the weekend that she offered to withdraw over concerns about her role in the so-called enhanced interrogation program.

On Monday, the CIA delivered to Congress a tranche of classified documents related to Haspel’s controversial undercover background.

The delivery — a single cardboard box marked “hand carry” that was wheeled in on a dolly to a secure facility in the Capitol basement — comes as the agency is under fierce pressure from Democrats to declassify more information about Haspel’s involvement in its now-defunct detention and interrogation program.

“As Acting Director Haspel promised, CIA delivered a set of classified documents to the Senate today so that every Senator can review Acting Director Haspel’s actual, and outstanding record,” a CIA spokesperson said in a statement

“These documents cover the entirety of her career, including her time in CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center in the years after 9/11. We encourage every Senator to take the time to read the entire set of documents.”

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