Press reeled in hook, line and sinker by Stormy Daniels lawyer’s claims

By Jack Hellner  |   American Thinker

A headline splashed all over the place – about how President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, supposedly took a payoff from a Russian oligarch, shows how willing the media is to destroy the life of anyone surrounding Trump no matter how little proof there is that such stories are true.

This Associated Press article below shows that the lawyer making the claim, Michael Avenetti, representing porn actress Stormy Daniels, did not show any proof that his story about the payoff was true, yet in the press, it is being repeated as if it is here:

Porn star’s lawyer says Russian paid Trump attorney Cohen

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer said Tuesday he has information showing that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney, received $500,000 from a company associated with a Russian billionaire within months of paying hush money to Daniels, a porn star who claims she had an affair with Trump.

Avenatti did not reveal the source of his information or release documentation.

Speculating without offering proof, the Avenatti memo said, “It appears these funds may have replenished the account following the payment to Ms. Clifford.”

A spokesman for Vekselberg and the Renova Group said in a statement that “neither Victor Vekselberg nor Renova has ever had any contractual relationship with Mr Cohen or Essential Consultants.”

The whole Russian collusion story is fiction based on a false dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton, yet the media has reported it as if it is true for what seems like eternity and the FBI treats it as if it was true and has used it as an excuse to spy on and investigate innocent Americans.  I believe people are supposed to be presumed innocent instead of presumed guilty.

The Stormy Daniels story itself has never been proven yet the media reports it as true and acts like Trump and Cohen have to prove that it is false. The story has certainly reinvigorated the porn star’s career and has made the lawyer a celebrity for the anti-Trump cabal. Facts and proof don’t matter to CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets as long as they all have the same goal to destroy Trump.

These unproven stories being reported as straight news are very similar to what Harry Reid did to then-GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012. He spread the fictional, obviously false story,  that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years, and instead of Reid being forced to show that that was true, it was up to Romney to prove that it was false. The story was spread around and I am sure many believed it was true and may have helped President Obama beat Romney which was the goal. Facts didn’t matter.

The DNC and Hillary broke the law in reporting payments to produce the false dossier but somehow the media hasn’t demanded access to see who all the DNC and Hillary campaign paid. They also haven’t had any interest in analyzing payments to the law form and Fusion to see their sources and uses of cash but they are very interested in Cohen and Stormy.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC did not comply with their legal obligation to disclose their payments to Fusion for opposition research. Instead, they concealed the fact that any payments were made to Fusion at all.

The Clinton Foundation got huge donations from foreign countries while Hillary was Secretary of State. The Foundation didn’t report the donations accurately. Somehow the media has not had much interest in tracing deposits to the Foundations or the Clintons themselves and to actions that Hillary took as Secretary of State but they are very interested in Stormy and Cohen.

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and an associated charity refiled tax returns for six years with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to amend their reporting of donations from foreign governments and other errors,.

Chelsea Clinton and her husband bought an apartment in New York in 2013. Who paid for this? Was it George Soros? Was it the Russians? Nobody knows. It is up to all of the Clintons to come clean on everything they received and spent to prove the accusation is false. We know they have received money from the Russians before. It is up to the media to report the story as true because of the accusation. Facts just shouldn’t matter.

Most young couples could only dream of buying a luxury four-bedroom apartment in the centre of Manhattan.

But Chelsea Clinton, 33, and husband Marc Mezvinsky, 35, are about to swap their $4 million pad for a huge new $10.5 million one nearby.

When we see the cover of the National Enquirer some of it may be true. It is a shame so much of the regular news is based on accusations instead of facts and that makes it almost useless.

The swamp is deep and hard to drain. It makes it much harder when the media is so actively trying to protect the swamp dwellers.

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