The news from RealClear Politics

Democrats’ Economic Quandary in 2018 Messaging. Caitlin Huey-Burns explores the minority party’s efforts to express skepticism of positive news without seeming to cheer for failure.

America First at Home and Abroad. Corey Lewandowski explains why he supports President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and other foreign policy stances.

Democrats, Don’t Mess With People’s Trucks. Former Rep. Ronnie Shows, a Blue Dog Democrat, warns party lawmakers that opposing the EPA fuel standard rollback will be seen by many voters as an affront to their values.

Three Ideas for Budget Process Reform. In RealClearPolicy, James C. Capretta hails the creation of a Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform to examine ideas for fixing the federal budget process.

Red Tape Is Hampering U.S. in Race to 5G. Also in RCPolicy, Liam Sigaud contends that U.S. regulations are not keeping up with innovations in wireless technology.

Sarbanes-Oxley Is Suffocating Capital Markets. Garland Tucker explains in RealClearMarkets.

Green Shoots of Democracy in Iraq. In RealClearDefense, Matthew R.A. Heiman writes that a growing level of engagement between Sunnis and Shias is cause for hope, but requires a continued U.S. presence to foster stability.

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