Speaker Ryan Splits From President Trump Over Amnesty

Lyin’ Ryan should be Fryin’ – he should be sitting on the HOT HOT seat until it burns his *bottom* lie.
The camo he has been wearing (wearing the GOP label) is now being exposed – he really is a RINO and he is a major swamp creature – with his cohort McConnell.

It is one thing for Pres. Trump to have to contend with the out of the closet Democrats but when the RINO’s shake off that camo they have been clothed in – well, that changes the battle field.  Will there be enough HONEST – Ethical – Conservatives to fight the Enemy Within?

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I do hope all will go to the web page to read the entire article – it is long and some wouldn’t transfer over but It really needs to be read all the way.

Jackie Juntti
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It isn’t who you are –  It is WHOSE you are ! ! ! !
Your acts tell the world WHOSE you are.


Retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan is using the “discharge petition” process to decisively split from President Donald Trump’s election-winning, pro-American immigration policies.

Ryan’s disguised break from Trump leaves his successor, Majority Leader Rep. Kevin  McCarthy, in the hot seat, said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. McCarthy must quickly decide whether to block or support Ryan’s unpopular push before it wrecks GOP turnout in November, she said.

McCarthy “wants to be Speaker, so he can’t tick off too many people,” she said.

Ryan exposed his strategy against Trump during his Thursday press conference, when he was asked how he was dealing with the “discharge petition” push being used by 17 business-first GOP legislators to force an amnesty bill through the House.

If the 17 GOP members can collect a total of 25 GOP signatures on their discharge petition, then 193 Democrats will join them to get the 218 signatures needed to stage a floor vote, despite leadership opposition. Their planned floor vote will be a rare “Queen of the Hill” debate around four bills. That plan will allow business-first GOP legislators to unite behind an amnesty bill that will pass with support from 193 Democrats — and also split their votes to ensure the failure of pro-American immigration bills.

When asked about this petition threat to the GOP and Trump coalitions, Ryan did not threaten the GOP signatories with a loss of election funding, nor did he criticize them for endangering the GOP majority in November.

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