Plastic in bottled water? KIRO 7 goes in-depth

When I saw this on the local TV station all I could think of was how plastic takes forever to dissolve.
Picture your organs – your tummy becomes a plastic belly rather than a beer belly – your colon a long PLASTIC TUBE –  makes you want to grab a Plastic bottle filled with some water and some plastic particles.

Jackie Juntti

Bottled water is big business with $200 billion in sales worldwide. Many drink it because they believe its healthier than sodas or tap water.

But one researcher says bottled water isn’t so pure. She says there’s a good chance you may be ingesting tiny plastic particles when you drink out of plastic bottles.

So how pure is the water in plastic bottles? We traveled to the State University of New York at Fredonia where researchers had already found plastics in tap water, but found twice as much in bottled water.

hey tested 11 brands from around the world and found tiny particles called microplastics in 93 percent of them.

The lead researcher says the type of plastic chemicals she found are the same used to manufacture bottles and caps, including industrial lubricants in 4 percent of the samples.

While scientists debate testing methods and numbers, consumers want to know if drinking plastic is harmful.

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