Real Clear Political News for Today

Iran Nuke Deal and the Peter Drucker Rule. In a column, I consider a business guru’s dictum that doesn’t translate well to presidential governance, as Donald Trump may soon learn.

Blasting Donnelly, Trump Previews Campaigner-in-Chief Role. James Arkin writes that the president’s appearance, and his line of attack, at last week’s Indiana rally for Mike Braun is likely a template for his messaging in the months to come.

The President Can End the Standoff With Mueller. Peter J. Wallison offers this prescription.

Senate Should Confirm Barry Myers to Lead NOAA. Conrad C. Lautenbacher Jr. and Robert Vanasse warn that delaying confirmation of the nominee could have serious consequences as hurricane season nears.

An Israeli’s Overture to His Palestinian Neighbors. Peter Berkowitz hails the spirit of compromise and reconciliation shown by Yossi Klein Halevi in his new book.

GOP Farm Bill Is Hypocritical on Welfare Reform. In RealClearPolicy, Caroline Kitchens argues that a Republican effort to use the Farm Bill to enact welfare reform is both bad policy and bad politics.

Anti-Religious Bias Fueled Big Bang Skepticism. RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy looks back at the cool reception the theory received in the 1930s and beyond.

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